President Boluarte swears in the new Peruvian cabinet with Pedro Angulo as prime minister

The president promises an “open hand” to meet “fair claims” in a conciliatory speech and for social peace

MADRID, 10 (.)

The president of Peru, Dina Boluarte, began this Saturday to swear in the new cabinet, led by the lawyer Pedro Angulo as the country’s new prime minister, in a ceremony that ends a week of extreme political tension in the country after the arrest of the ex-president Pedro Castillo for having attempted to carry out a coup.

Angulo, a lawyer from the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, has served as dean of the Lima Bar Association, and has been a former senior prosecutor. In addition, he was a presidential candidate for the Contigo political party, of the former Peruvians for Kambio (PPK).

The ceremony began in the Elespuro room of the Palacio de Pizarro with some delay regarding the appointments, which also included Alberto Otárola as Defense Minister, César Augusto Cervantes Cárdenas (Interior), Alex Contreras (Economy and Finance), José Andrés Tello Alfaro (Justice), Ana Cecilia Gerbasi Díaz (Foreign) or Óscar Vera Gargurevich (Energy and Mines), in a cabinet with eight women in the absence of Labor and Transport and Communications appointments.


In a speech after taking the oath, the president assured that “the consolidation of democracy, the rule of law, the balance of powers and governability” will be the “essential line” of her government “of dialogue, economic growth and social cohesion”.

The president has extended her “open hand” to “attend fair claims” amid the tension after Castillo’s arrest. “I am attentive to social demands,” said Boluarte, who also assured that her mandate “is not a blank check but a commitment to get out of the political crisis and the serious effects of the pandemic.”

Hours before, however, the president had to go to her Twitter account to send a message of calm after last night’s protests in the country, led by followers of Castillo, which have resulted in at least eight injuries (four civilians, four police officers).

“Respect, dialogue and tolerance are essential in a democracy. The National Police have informed me that last night there were 7 detainees, in addition to 4 civilians and 4 policemen injured in some protests. We guarantee unrestricted compliance with Human Rights”, he indicated. .

Boluarte has declared that, after the ceremony, he will begin preparations to visit former President Pedro Castillo, who is serving seven days in provisional prison at the National Directorate of Special Operations (Dinoes).

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