PP and Vox will add speeches next week in the European Parliament against Sánchez’s Amnesty Law

The vice president of the European Commission (EC), Margaritis Schinashas no longer hesitated to recognize that the European Commission “closely follows” the “development” of the Government pacts achieved by Sánchez and, within them, of course, the amnesty law that the PSOE has agreed with the separatists. He did so at the EU Law Summit organized by ICAM in Madrid, where he noted that the European Commission always “applies the law” reflected in European treaties. And the vice president’s words have just been reflected in the work of the European Parliament. The European Parliament will debate this next week, on Wednesday, November 23, this amnesty law under a title that suggests the meaning of the discussion: “Threat to the rule of law as a consequence of the government agreement in Spain.”

The European Vice President already pointed out at the Law Summit that “no power can be superior to another” and that the executive, legislative and judicial branches must respect each other. Schinas did not expressly cite the Amnesty Law, but he did mention Montesquieu to underline the need for a State of law to have “limits of one power vis-à-vis another power”, since, if there are no counter-powers, abuse can occur. of the same, according to his explanations.

And now it is the turn of the European Parliament. The plenary session of the European Parliament will debate this very point next Wednesday. And, in fact, he will not do it in a hidden way, since he has qualified the debate point as “Threat to rule of law as a consequence of the governmental agreement in Spain.” That is, the “Threat to the rule of law as a consequence of the government agreement in Spain.” The debate proposal has been promoted thanks to the European People’s Party (EPP); the Liberals (RE)where Ciudadanos and the group of Europeans and Reformists (ECR) of which Vox is a part.

Members of the European Commission and the Council will be present in the debate, so a member of the Spanish Government, which this semester holds the rotating presidency of the EU, should confirm their attendance. The change in agenda has been achieved at the meeting of the Conference of Presidents (CoP) in which all the groups represented in the European Parliament and the president of the institution, Roberta Metsola, are present.

And all of this occurs when President Sánchez has already obtained his support to renew the mandate, but, evidently, he knows that he is going to have to undergo a legality analysis of his agreements, both inside and outside of Spain—in European bodies— , due to the attack on the judges that their agreements imply and the constitutional violation that they promote.

It must be remembered that this week the nerves were leaving their mark on the Government due to the impact in Europe of the Amnesty Law and its desire to cut off the debate with a brutal hoax. A ticker the agency Europa Press burst in in the information landscape by ensuring that “the European Commission does not see any collision between the proposed law and the community principles and standards.” Anonymous community sources cited by the Spanish agency had supposedly assured that, according to first impressions in Brussels, it would be a domestic matter, exactly the same word that the Government has used to describe the rule. In fact, the Minister of Justice, Pilar Llophas taken advantage of a recent meeting in Washington to convey to the European Commissioner for Justice, Didier Reynders, that he understands his interest in the amnesty, but that it is a domestic issue that must be previously debated in the Cortes Generales.

And, minutes after the information collected by the agency began to be published in various media, European Commission spokesperson Eric Mamer came out to flatly deny it. On social networks, Mamer pointed out “that contrary to what some information indicates, The Commission does not have a preliminary assessment of the draft amnesty law“.

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