PP and Vox eliminate the wealth tax and the tax on empty homes of large owners in Extremadura

The president of the Government of Extremadura, Maria Guardiola, announced this Tuesday the first package of fiscal measures of its coalition government of PP and Vox. Approved through a decree law, it includes the elimination of the Wealth Tax on empty homes of large owners.

Guardiola has detailed this and other measures approved by the regional Executive, including the drop to 8% and 10% in the first regional sections of the Personal Income Tax (IRPF). The decree also includes increasing the percentage of deduction for rent payments and changes in the registration tax.

The president of the Board, who has defended that these measures aim to benefit families and the economic and productive fabric, has also announced the implementation of a zero rate for new self-employed workers who establish themselves in the region, with a subsidy that covers the contribution during one year, that is, 960 euros. Guardiola has justified these measures in that Extremadura It is the region with the highest poverty rate, It is among the three with the lowest Gross Domestic Product per capita and suffers the highest tax pressure.

Beyond the new fiscal measures, the extreme Government has confirmed the suppression of free school meals in the region. A measure adopted by the socialist Executive of Guillermo Fernández Vara and of which 2,126 students benefited.

In this regard, Unidas por Extremadura has reproached Guardiola lower taxes “on the richest” while “eliminating” the universalization of free food in school cafeterias. “These are the policies of the PP: privileging those who have the most and burdening the backs and pockets of working families with services that should be free to guarantee rights,” criticized the president and spokesperson for Unidas por Extremadura in the Assembly. , Irene de Miguel.

For its part, the Extremaduran PSOE has also denounced Guardiola’s tax cuts “for those who have the most”, something that the socialists so branded as “smoke screen” to “cover” the “shame” of the dining rooms. The spokesperson for the Socialist Group in the Assembly, Soraya Vega, fears that these measures are only “the beginning of a legislature of the PP and Vox that will be marked by the deterioration of public services.”

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