PP and Vox accuse the parties of the Emptied Spain of serving Sánchez and proclaim themselves rural defenders


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“Everything that is outside this headquarters is adversaries,” sources from the national leadership of the People’s Party (PP) in Genoa. The maxim of the formation that leads Paul Married it’s accomplishing. The popular seek political brawl not only with the left but with their potential partners of vox and his former Citizens partners.

The attacks have also spread, within the framework of the castile and leon elections, to the provincial candidacies of the so-called Spain Emptied. From the leadership of the popular they consider the platforms that have emerged as an “invention of the left” and a strategy aimed at propping up the presidency of Pedro Sánchez. In addition, they try to show themselves as defenders of the rural world and the countryside. Some assessments that in this case fully share with the far-right party.

They consider in Genoa that the creation of these parties will not affect them electorally in the next regional elections. On February 13, the Castilian-Leonese citizens will be able to vote for the candidacies of the Spain Empty of Palencia, Salamanca, Burgos, Valladolid and Soria Now!. Added to these are the already existing For Ávila and Union of the Leonese People, both with parliamentary representation and emerged independently of the recent platform. The first, in fact, arises from a split of the popular. In Segovia, another has emerged, independently of the coordinator of España Vaciada, called Somos Segovia. Only Zamora has been left without a purely provincial candidacy.

The polls published so far give some representation to these parties. For example, in the latest, published by The reason, up to 7 seats distributed among all of them are shuffled. Some numbers that could be decisive if there is a tight result. In this context, the extreme right of Vox He has already warned the popular that his intention is to enter the regional government if all the polls that give a majority to both political forces are met.

From the platform, according to their candidates for Public, they do not want to define to whom they would give their votes for the investiture. They do not even rule out supporting the current president, Alfonso Fernandez Manueco. “To give our votes, we will have to assess which is the program that matters most to us. What we see that is going to transmit more to people at that time, we will support,” he pointed out, for example, Jose Ramon Gonzalez, head of the list of the Spain Emptied Vía Burgalesa candidacy.

The main person in charge of transmitting the attempt to degrade the Empty Spain has been the general secretary of the PP, Theo Garcia Egea. The leader of the popular has used the support given by Teruel exists to the investiture of Sánchez to attack the recently created parties. Thomas Guitarte and other leaders of the Teruel formation participated in the presentation of candidacies of the platform for Castilla y León. The profiles of the candidates of these parties are diverse. Cristina Blanco, candidate for Valladolid, belonged to Cs and Verónica Santos, from Salamanca, to Podemos. But most do not have prior political affiliation.

“For What Teruel Exists has served is to support Sánchez. To put Garzón as minister. And that is what Soria-type platforms and the rest of the emptied Spain that we are experiencing will be used for, if they are for anything, “said García Egea a few days ago during a visit to a company in Burgos. Days before, he had even discredited the name of the platform “There is not an empty Spain, there is a Spain full of opportunities, there are empty ministries and politicians like Garzón,” he pointed out in the framework of his party’s Congress in Castilla y León.

“The PP was born in the villages and in the small municipalities”, they point out from Genoa

The popular want to establish themselves as the genuine representatives of the rural world. “The PP fights for the rural world much more than these newly minted parties only intend to prop up Pedro Sánchez’s project,” García Egea insisted.

The PP was born in the villages, in the small municipalities”, he added, criticizing that the platform comes to “reinvent the wheel”. For this reason, the electoral pre-campaign has been full of rural images of Casado and other leaders, also in the heat of the false controversy fueling the hoax against Minister Garzón and his invented attack on livestock.

Despite these constant attacks that could reflect some concern, the PP has made an effort to convey that they are not overly concerned about the electoral participation of the Empty Spain, since they consider that they will subtract votes from the left. “These formations have objective to support the sanchismo“, Mañueco said a few weeks ago about it.

The regional president incurs a certain contradiction with this conception of the Empty Spain because at the same time of accusing it of being a “crutch of sanchismo” he considers that its appearance responds to the policies of the current Government. “These things happen because Sánchez’s disastrous policy. It is dismembering the global project of the country. It does not have a global project for the country. And in that situation a crack is produced that is where these types of parties can enter,” he said in a recent interview published in The confidential. For his part, Casado pointed out this Monday in an interview that rejecting “local interests and proposals” because what is needed in Spain is “a national strategy.”

Vox shares the speech

Despite the appearance of tension between Vox and the PP in recent days, curiously, the popular argument is shared almost word for word by the extreme right. Your spokesman in Congress, Ivan Espinosa de los Monteros He already warned a few months ago that these candidacies were going to be a “white mark” on the left. Shortly before, the party led by Santiago Abascal had set up an event with a folkloric air. Several experts then commented to Public that this type of candidacy could harm Vox electorally. That term, “white marks”, has also been used by the parliamentary spokesperson for the PP, Cuca Gamarra.

The message has been repeated in some events in recent days. This Saturday, the far-right secretary general, Javier Ortega-Smith, repeated it in Palencia, accusing the PSOE of creating those “white brands” to “show up in those places “where people no longer believe their promises and continue clinging to power.”

The far-right party has also tried to appear as a strong defender of the countryside and agriculture. Striking was the presence of some of its main leaders, such as Dew Monastery, at a demonstration held this weekend. Some images that generated all kinds of comments and memes on social networks. The protest was also attended by representatives of the PP and Cs.

The orange party has been less belligerent with this type of candidacy, although it has also criticized them because they can serve as a “springboard”. In any case, they do recognize disaffection. “The main causes of this are the traditional parties such as the PP and, above all, who has fueled this is Mañueco. What you cannot do is use your community as a doormat for another man (…) It is a consequence of our evil system of governance and a lack of reflection on the functioning of parliament,” said the candidate and former regional vice president, Francisco Igea, in an interview with this medium.


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