Pope Francis prayed for Emanuela Orlandi, the young woman who disappeared 40 years ago

During his Angelus prayer this Sunday, June 25, the Pope Francisco He prayed for the family of a teenager who disappeared 40 years ago, which for the young woman’s brother meant that the Vatican will become involved in the investigation of the still unsolved case.

Is about Emanuela Orlandi a 15-year-old girl who disappeared on June 22, 1983 in central Rome after attending a music class and whose father worked for the Vatican.

Emanuela Orlandi, who attended a transverse flute class the day of her disappearance.

The Supreme Pontiff indicated that he wanted “express, once again, his closeness to the family, especially to the mother”, assuring that your case would be in their prayers. “I extend my memory to all the families bearing the pain of a missing loved one,” she added.

The disappearance of the young woman, and the lack of answers, has led to the elaboration of multiple unproven hypotheses in this regard. They include conspiracy theories in which the mafiathe secret servicesthe high vatican authorities and the masonry.

For its part, the Orlandi family never stopped demanding justice despite the passage of time and, on the contrary, denounced the silence of the Vatican. It was in this context that the city-state attorney general opened an investigation into the events and that the Vatican forwarded its reports to the Rome prosecutor’s office, where the case will also be dealt with.

Terrorists, gangsters and the Vatican clergy: the main hypotheses about the disappearance of Emanuela Orlandi

“Certain clues deserved further investigation”it was argued from the Holy See, which affirmed that it had obtained evidence from its institutions and testimonies from high-ranking officials at the time of the disappearance.

After Pope Francis’ message, Pietro, the brother of the missing young woman, told the press: “The taboo has finally been broken. about Emanuela Orlandi. The fact of praying is a sign of hope to arrive at the truth“.

So, in dialogue with AFPheld that “expect actions after these words” and that the mention of the case by the Supreme Pontiff is “a great step that had not taken place until now.”

The disappearance of Emanuela Orlandi

On June 22, 1983, Emanuela Orlandi, 15, was returning home from a flute lesson in Rome, Italy. However, she did not reach her destination and she was never seen again, thus beginning a mystery that remains valid four decades after it occurred.

Emanuela was born on January 14, 1968 and was the fourth daughter of the marriage of Ercole Orlandi and Maria Pezzano. The family lived within the walls of the Vatican because Ercole worked at the Apostolic Palace. The teenager was interested in music, so she attended flute classes at the Tommaso Ludovico da Victoria Institute.

Emanuela Orlandi
The young woman lived with her family within the walls of the Vatican.

The last time she was seen was after one of her lessons that Wednesday in 1983. That day, the young woman called home and spoke to her sister Cristina to tell her that a representative of Avon cosmetics had offered her a jobbefore which the sister suggested that he comment on the proposal to his parents before accepting.

Once the class was over, Emanuela accompanied her friend Raffaela to the bus stop. During the journey, she also mentioned the job offer to the teenager. She “she told me that she had been offered to distribute products for a cosmetics house at a fashion show. They had promised him 375,000 liras for distributing some leaflets“, the young woman recounted.

The strange case of Mirella Gregori, the other 15-year-old girl who disappeared in Italy shortly before Emanuela Orlandi

Cristina was waiting for her sister a few blocks from the stop to accompany her to her appointment for the job offer, but the girl never came. He looked for her for almost an hour and returned home at 8:30 p.m. thinking that the teenager would already be home. The following day, in her absence, her parents filed a disappearance report with the Vatican’s General Inspectorate for Public Security.

According to accounts, Orlandi was last seen on the day of her disappearance getting into a large, dark-colored BMW.. In this sense, the traffic guard Alfredo Sambuco and the police officer Bruno Bosco mentioned having seen a young woman who could be Emanuela with a man who was carrying “an Avon advertising bag” next to a vehicle with these characteristics. However, the car was not found and the officers did not remember the license plate.

One of the strongest theories about his disappearance is the one that implicates the Holy See, given that Gabriele Amorth, the Vatican exorcist, referred to the events at the time and stated that “It was a case of sexual exploitation with the consequent homicide shortly after the disappearance and concealment of the body”.


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