Pontón makes visible the unity, enthusiasm and convictions of Galician nationalism in the face of the emptiness of Rueda’s speech

He Galician Nationalist Bloc (BNG) He has managed to place the halfway point of the Galician regional campaign exactly where he wanted. With its candidate, Ana Pontón, viewed by the electoral body as a real alternative to Alfonso Rueda’s PP, and with it on the defensive, almost disappeared and without showing too many weapons with which to combat the bad body that almost all the surveys.

The polls, on the right and left of the regional and state media arc, from public, private and subsidized institutes, support a result that is too close for Feijóo’s successor has certain guarantees that he will be able to renew the absolute majority which he achieved four years ago.

The Block is beginning to glimpse that its speech the excitement of change in the Xunta after 15 years of PP governments it is beginning to take hold seriously, mobilize undecided already take that epic tone of the campaign tides that provoke results that would have seemed almost impossible a few weeks before.

That is, for what concerns us, putting Pontón downhill the story of his last week of campaign while for Rueda, unless there is an unexpected milestone that prevents it from continuing to slowly deflate, everything seems to be going uphill.

Unity of Galician nationalism

Pontón visualized yesterday in Santiago the unity of Galician nationalism accompanied by the leaders of Anovathe formation created after the division of the BNG in 2012 that even threatened to turn the old nationalist coalition into an extra-parliamentary force.

Xosé Manuel Beiras and Martiño Noriega, who once disowned the Bloc due to latent internal disputes with a leadership that was not able to read the sociopolitical meanings of 15Mand who preferred to ally themselves with Podemos and its confluences, supported her yesterday in an event in Compostela that was not designed for anything other than that: to excite and excite.

Beiras and Noriega questioned the left-wing electorate that only feels called upon to vote for their own if they see good vibes

To invoke wounded nationalist militancy by those painful internal guerrillas, but also to challenge an immense majority of the center-left Galician censussilent but conscious and decisive, to whom the internal parties have a hard time and who only feels called upon to leave home and vote for his own in regional elections if he observes good vibes in the options that are presented to you.

In the general, regional and municipal elections of the last years of the last decade, the alliance between Podemos, Esquerda Unida, Anova and the municipalist tides came to move more than 400,000 votes.

If the Bloc is capable of attracting them now and adding them to those of its unconditional supporters and those of non-partisan Galicians who have never voted for nationalism but who They see in Ana Pontón their image and likeness female voterlthe dispute for the presidency of the Xunta will continue to benefit the Block.

A crust of power on a mobilized people

“This is an excited and mobilized country, which sometimes seems immobile because on top of it it has that scab [del poder] similar to that produced by electrolysis in some chemical reactions,” said Beiras, in response to the debate moderator, Maria Obelleiro.

Obelleiro is the only female director of a Galician newspaperwhich is also the only one that is published entirely in the official language of the country and to which the Galician PP.

But let’s get to the point. Beiras, the former national spokesperson for the BNG, is probably the most relevant personality of Galician nationalism of the last three quarters of a century. At the expense of what Pontón achieves on 18F, of course. But, with all certainty, Beiras is the most lucid and recognized intellectual figure of Galician politics in democracy.

Beiras, Pontón and Noriega, on Friday in Santia. BNG

Neither Fraga, nor Rajoy, nor Feijóo, if what they understood/understand by democracy can be compared – we ignore, by non-appearance, Rueda’s idea in this regard – reach the height and recognition that Beiras enjoys in Galician public opinion. .

At almost 87 years old, he continues to be an essential reference in the country. Without hiding depth in his speech, this Friday in Santiago he was witty, simple and fun, and above all, complicit with Pontón and with his project. “But even in the TVG debate Rueda asked for the vote for her!” He snapped, in reference to the unfortunate phrase of the popular candidate in his golden minute, in which, forgetting that the pellets They are still unearthed in the sandy collective memory of the Galicians, he assured that he does not want anyone who can wait to vote for him to lie to you.

Woman, nationalist and leftist

Pontón was on hand, attentive and grateful for Beiras’ words, and even allowed herself to step outside the strict frameworks in which she has had to fit herself for years to consolidate her presidential image. Being woman, nationalist and leftistwith all that that entails, to appear transparent and close and even to be liked by the traditional Galician PP voter.

So Pontón did not limit himself to selling good manners, management capacitysolvency and predictable promises, but appealed to the emotionsto the memory of the recent past, to those feelings that may only be expressed as haikus of 140 characters but that stick in the voter’s memory like thumbtacks on a Twitter account – or X, that is -. And that, for one reason or another, they end up becoming trending voting: “Galicia is one of the countries that has mobilized the most in recent decades to defend just causes. All of these causes are on the BNG ballot.”

Galicia is one of the countries that has mobilized the most to defend just causes. “These causes are on the BNG ballot.”

Next to Pontón and Beiras was Martino Noriegathe former mayor of Santiago who returned to his primary doctor’s office a few years ago after trying, time and time again, for the left-wing social majority in Galicia to become a government option.

Despite the personal cost involved the public exposure of any individual involved in politicsand even more so if one insists on doing so surrounded by those who do not think 100% like him, Noriega has never refused to lend his image to his convictions.

Noriega and what Galicia wants to be

On Friday he did it again, aware that he himself, with his cap, his vest and his idealss, it can move a few thousand votes that could be crucial for Galicia to be what it wants to be.

And what the hell, he also did it with a beautiful and cinematic metaphor. That of that tennis ball that bounces on the trembling net of the exciting finals of a once elitist sport, but that Woody Allen democratized for film noir in Match Point.

That ball that expresses that the difference between good and evill is measured in millimeters, in coincidences not exempt from causality. Or, in electoral terms, in the handful of votes that fit in a ballot box. The PP took a seat in Pontevedra in the last regional elections by only 96 votes. There are polls that give Rueda 38 deputies, only one over the absolute majority. “This time the ball has to fall on the side of justice, of the good guys,” predicted Noriega.

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