Pokémon Purple and Scarlet, the most revolutionary installments of the saga that allow you to create your own Pokémon adventure

MADRID, Dec. 24 (Portaltic/EP) –

The new and expected deliveries of Pokémon, Pokemon Purple and Scarlethave been crowned as one of the most revolutionary games of this saga for Nintendowith novelties such as the change to an open world, the possibility of creating your own adventure, new creatures and a much deeper plot, as well as being inspired by the Iberian Peninsula.

Pokémon Scarlet and Purple, developed by Game Freak, were released globally on November 18. Thus, it became known to menciathe teacher dawn (in Scarlet) and the teacher turo (in Purple), among other main characters that accompany the protagonist along with his faithful pokémon sprigatitothe Grass Cat Pokémon; fuecocothe Fuegodrilo pokemon, or Quaxlythe Duckling pokémon, depending on the chosen one.

As it was already known, the story takes place in palpa, the region inspired by the Iberian Peninsula with nods to the culture, gastronomy, geography and climate of Spain and Portugal. In fact, home where the user first meets the protagonist is found in ‘Cáhiz’the place where he has just settled with his mother.

The first task is set the character, choosing from multiple aesthetic customization options to create a protagonist totally to the taste of the player. Thus, the story begins with the enrollment of the main character in the Orange or Grape Academy (depending on the version of the game), where you will learn everything you need about pokémon and their world. In addition, he will be able to go to class and interact with other classmates.

Before starting at the academy, the protagonist meets the principal of the Academy, Clavel, and his daughter Mencíawho will pose the big question: What pokemon to choose? Among the options are Sprigatito, Fuecoco and Quaxly. The chosen one will become the faithful shadow of the protagonist and, after that, it will be time to go on an adventure.

After exploring the academy and meeting other characters, the protagonist can also inspect the surroundings, finding shops of all kinds that sell clothes, accessories and food such as sausage sandwiches, paella and tortilla.

Subsequently, the director of the Academy begins the treasure hunt, an activity that involves all the students and with which three different fronts are opened. On the one hand, the protagonist can aspire to be the Region Champion defeating the High Command; You can also choose to be part of the operation ‘Stardust’ for defeat the team of villains Team Star; and, on the other hand, you can complete the pokedex discovering all the pokémon and inquiring about the mystery that surrounds the Dominant Pokemon.


Throughout this entire process, Mencía becomes an indispensable friend for the main character and, in addition to giving tips,guide the player until discovering these three sides of the story. However, where the protagonist should go and which mission to choose first is a totally free decision for the user.

This is because, after many years of insistence from the players, Pokémon has completely changed the format of the game thanks to the introduction of an open world. This fixes a common criticism of previous installments where the player can’t get off the stipulated path in the story.

Now, Pokémon Purple and Scarlet offer the complete opposite, although the game gives clues about which is the most appropriate order to solve the goalsthis new format makes the player can go from mission to mission and from one place to another as you like, creating your own pokemon adventure. However, the saga had already started this transition to the open world in Pokemon Legends: Arceuswith explorable open spaces.

In this sense, it The only thing necessary for the game to progress smoothly is to level up and get medals for the ones pokemon obey when they reach a certain level, either by defeating wild pokemon and getting a powerful team, fighting in pokemon gyms or fighting against Team Star.

Also at the start of the game, the Legendary Pokémon Koraidon or Miraidon (depending on the version) they cross the path of the protagonist, who ends up being their caretaker. This Legendary Pokemon serves primarily as transportation and as the game progresses acquiring additional skills that are activated, for example, when the player defeats a Dominant Pokémon. Thus, Koraidon and Miraidon allow you to plan around the stage or climb walls, so they are a key piece in open world exploration, giving access to unknown areas.

The three missions of the game are covered by a plot with many surprises, plots and characters. This is the delivery that most affects this aspect, since you can create friendships, have leisure activities such as going on a picnic and even experience emotional moments.

With all this, the experience of Pokémon Purple and Scarlet becomes a immersion in an endearing world as well as full of adventures. The landscapes are very varied, from meadows to icy mountains, passing through lakes, deserts, beaches and caves. This world also has different climates, varying from sunny to rainy depending on the moment.


All these scenarios are inhabited by wild pokemonwhich roam Paldea alone or in packs. In addition to the residents of the different citieswhich are also very different from each other, each with a particular essence.

To fight against the wild pokémon, it is enough for the main character to collide with one of them, which can be hidden in the undergrowth or even run to attack.

In addition, these deliveries have the new function ‘Send pokemon’. with her, he The main member of the team will emerge from the Poké Ball and move together with the protagonist through space while fighting all the Pokémon that are nearby., without the player having to direct the fight. The winner of these battles is decided based on the level and type of the Pokémon.

Something that is also very useful for the player is the large number of potions, antidotes and Poké Balls that are scattered throughout Paldea. The vast majority are simply on the forest floor and trails, and can be used in battles against any Pokémon or trainer. Equally, pokemon stores have competition items that unlock significant special abilities for combat, like the tape chosen which increases attack by 50 percent.

But the definitive novelty, at least in terms of combat, is the teracrystallization. It’s about a exclusive phenomenon that allows pokémon to change type. In other words, a plant-type Pokémon becomes tera-type, which can be any other type (water, dragon, fairy, steel…) and is only revealed when the pokémon teracrystallizes. This used to enhance movement that are of the same type as the tera type.

Of all the thousands of pokémon that inhabit Paldea, there are two new what they evoke Spain. Are Smoliv, a normal and grass-type olive pokemon, which looks like an olive, and lechonka normal type pig.

The adventure in Paldea makes the user always feel accompanied and with things to do. However, the game offers a local and ‘online’ multiplayer mode that allows you to play with other users in the same world. In this way, players can live adventures together, or continue with the goals separately, but always in the same world. In addition, the game allows trade pokemon, hunt in pack or even, make races on the back of the Legendary Pokémon.

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