Podemos withdraws its accusation from various pieces of the ‘Villarejo case’ but remains in ‘Kitchen’ or ‘BBVA’

Podemos has decided to withdraw as a popular accusation of at least seven different lines of investigation of the macro-cause Tandemin which the judge of the National Court Manuel García Castellón investigates the many and varied private commissions that the now retired commissioner José Manuel Villarejo would have carried out while he was active.

All in all, the purple formation will continue to be represented in key pieces such as the one related to the Operation Kitchenthe parapolice espionage allegedly orchestrated from the Ministry of the Interior, with police resources and reserved funds, against the former treasurer of the PP Luis Bárcenas or in the piece in which the BBVA contracts with CENYT, the Villarejo business group, are investigated.

The formation led by Ione Belarra presented between December 1 and 2 a series of documents before the head of the Central Court of Instruction Number 6, Manuel García Castellón, who they asked to keep them by sections as an accusation desisting from the exercise of the action penal.

Specifically, Podemos has decided not to continue exercising the accusation in the piece in which the various commissions that Iberdrola would have made to Villarejo since 2004 are investigated; in which he delved into the investigation that Villarejo carried out on the businessman from Marbella Felipe Gomez Zotano using restricted access databases or in another in which an order related to a family inheritance of a La Rioja company was investigated.

“Serious criminal conduct”

The match will not continue in piece number 12, known as the Project Julyon an alleged order of the Planet Group Villarejo to investigate whether there was bribery to the independent arbitrator who participated in the arbitration process with Kiss FM. In fact, the formation has requested to annul its indictment.

Thus, Podemos has desisted from continuing to prosecute the piece that deals with the alleged assignment of the businessman Javier López Madrid to Villarejo to harass Dr. María Elisa Pinto.

In addition, the training has departed from the line of investigation into the persecution of which the businessman would have been a victim Javier Perez Dolset and on the piece related to the alleged order to spy on the businessman Joaquín Molpeceres in relation to a bankruptcy.

The purple party defends in the writings presented to the AN that it has promoted the investigation of these from the beginning “serious criminal conduct allegedly committed for a police plot, as well as for what has commonly been known as the ‘patriotic police'”. Along these lines, he defends his role in persecuting the alleged “collaborators and clients” of that plot.

“The performance of this popular accusation has allowed to purify and clarify facts that are very relevant for the good end of the investigation. Given the current state of the file, there are already persons in this separate piece both the public accusation represented by the fiscal Ministerywhose mission is to promote the action of justice in defense of legality, the rights of citizens and the public interest protected by law, as well as private accusations in defense of the rights of the alleged victims”, concludes Podemos.

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