Podemos will accompany Díaz on his new platform as befits a “fundamental actor” on the left

Alejandra Jacinto respects the times of the vice president to articulate her new project, which “is also that of Podemos”


The state co-spokesperson for Podemos, Alejandra Jacinto, has pointed out that her formation and the left are in a “moment of change” and “transformation”, given the “exciting” panorama generated by the second vice president, Yolanda Díaz, with her new platform and as a possible candidate for the generals.

In an interview with Europa Press, he has revealed that his party is going to be in that project that “also belongs to Podemos”, since it is a “fundamental” actor in the progressive space that has shown “a lot” for many years as a “tool” for change, accomplishing nothing less than ending “bipartisanship.”

“Podemos is going to be there, it is going to be in that project (…) In a project whose horizon is social transformation, we can, as it cannot be otherwise, cannot do anything other than be there”, he stressed for make it clear that the goal is not “quotas” but to build a political movement together with civil society.

On the eve of a year since the last Madrid elections on May 4, 2021 and the departure of the politics of former Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias, Jacinto has revealed that they are in a moment of change and transition, with a commitment to the feminization of the organization and politics that she faces with enthusiasm and that the “relay is healthy in politics”.

Currently, the also deputy spokesperson in the Madrid Assembly has explained that they have the “desire to have” the Minister of Labor be a candidate, given that she is the best possible option endorsed by her management in the Government and her profile.

Therefore, what it is up to from Podemos is to “accompany her” in the “process that she decides to undertake” and be “respectful” with her times when putting together that new project that she promotes. In fact, Jacinto has affirmed that it was a “wise move” that Díaz decided to postpone his listening process scheduled for this spring, because with “the one that is “falling” with the war in Ukraine, he had to prioritize his work in the Government.

Consequently, the Podemos co-spokesperson has insisted that it is up to Díaz to determine the deadlines for this platform, that in order to launch it, a “calm dialogue” with society, reflection and a “long look” are needed.


Questioned about whether the bicephaly works between Díaz, at the head of United We Can in the Executive, and Belarra as general secretary of the purple party, Jacinto has opined that this model “enriches” and provides “diversity”. She has even explained that when there have been differences at some point, such as about sending weapons to Ukraine, that circumstance also contributes to the political approach.

In any case, he has specified that this bicephaly “is not something exclusive” to Podemos and that it is “within democratic normality” to have a general secretary at the party level and an “electoral leader. “For me they complement each other very well”, She has defended to highlight, for example, that something similar occurs in the parliamentary group in the Madrid chamber, where she and the spokeswoman for United We Can, Carolina Alonso, have different profiles.

On the other hand, and asked if she believes that the PSOE is moving away from United We Can in the face of notable differences such as Western Sahara, the increase in military spending or the monarchy, the leader of the purple formation has referred to the statements of the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, when he said that the only way to govern was the coalition.

“It has cost the PSOE a bit, unemployment has assumed that there is a political force that is already in the institutions, demonstrating that it has the capacity to govern even if there are differences at specific times,” he reasoned.


Next Wednesday marks a year since Iglesias announced his departure from politics after being a candidate for the Madrid elections and as he himself emphasizes in his new book, ‘Verdades a la cara’, that decision led to letting the new leaders of Belarra and Díaz, emphasizing that the decision of its leading nucleus to bet on the coalition government was a condition of possibility for the rise of the Minister of Labor.

During this stage, the formation has managed to leave its mark on executive work, as reflected in various measures of the social shield in the pandemic, the anti-crisis plan or progressive laws, highlighting its key role for social advances from the Government.

In addition, Belarra has opted for her mandate to promote the growth of Podemos, feminize the leadership, try to strengthen the party at the territorial level and widen alliances with other progressive sectors in the face of the regional and municipal elections of 2023.

Meanwhile, Díaz has stressed that she has not yet decided to be a candidate, despite the fact that Iglesias directly proposed her, and is promoting a new progressive project that aspires not to limit itself to the left of the PSOE, where it also wants to give prominence to civil society and leave in a secondary role to the parties.

During this period, United We Can faced the February elections in Castilla y León, where it obtained a bad result by staying with only one deputy, and now faces the Andalusian elections of 19J in full negotiation with Más País to form a broad progressive front candidacy .

On the other hand, the confederal space has seen its parliamentary group weakened, going from the 25 deputies with which the legislature started to the current 33, given that the seat that corresponded to former deputy Alberto Rodríguez is still empty and recently suffered the march to the Mixed group of the Canarian deputy, Meri Pita, who charged against the drift of the party.

At the regional level, the formation has proceeded to renew regional leadership in the Balearic Islands, Navarra and Asturias, where the national deputy Sofía Castañón won the critical leader Daniel Ripa in a tense primary. In this way, the regional directorates are cohesive with the state one and have a prominent presence both in the Coordination Council and in the Citizen Council.


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