Podemos is concerned about the decisions of the PSOE that “show an approach” to the PP and demands that it comply with the agreement


The state co-spokesperson for Podemos, Pablo Fernández, has assured that within the purple formation there is “concern” about the latest decisions that the PSOE has taken in reference to the change of position regarding the Sahara, the sending of weapons to Ukraine or the increase in the Defense budget, in which they disagree, since, in their opinion, “they show an approach” to the Popular Party. In addition, he has summoned his government partner to comply with the coalition agreement.

“It is true that the latest decisions of the PSOE show an approach of the PSOE to the PP and we believe that this is not the way to go. It is the most important moment to maintain commitments with the coalition government,” Fernández said this Wednesday in an interview on Onda Zero, collected by Europa Press.

In line, he has emphasized that “we must be loyal” to the coalition pact and has asked for “loyalty” with it, that “what it does is protect citizens.” In addition, he has stressed that it is essential to “give certainty and stability” to the Government and not generate “permanent doubts about whether or not it complies with the agreement.”

That yes, the co-spokesman of Podemos has insisted that the purple formation will wait for the explanations of the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, and trusts that the PSOE complies with the agreement.

At another point, asked about the change in position regarding the autonomy of the Sahara and the criticism of Sánchez in relation to this context, Fernández has said that he does not know if the PSOE is left alone and has stressed that his government partner ” it has to collect the sensitivity” of the street and collect the proposals of Podemos.

In this regard, he has warned that the Government “is playing the legislature” and has to be “courageous” and take “ambitious” measures that defend citizens. Thus, he has warned that the PSOE “can’t shake its legs” before the big power companies and hope to “convince” them to take up the Podemos measures.

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