Podemos claims itself in a video as the “engine of change” on the left in the face of the reaction of PP and Vox

Through a video voiced by the actress María Botto in which she reviews her career

MADRID, 9 Jan. (.) –

Podemos has released a video on social networks on the occasion of its ninth anniversary, which is celebrated on the 17th, and in which the purple formation claims itself as the “engine of change” within the Government and the leading force in the main transformations from the country.

And in this he contrasts that transformative value with respect to the PSOE, which he slides as a party that “preserves” inserting an image of the chief executive, Pedro Sánchez, together with former president Felipe González; while King Felipe VI, the PP and Vox are associated with the brake on changes in the country, also with snapshots of their respective leaders Alberto Núñez Feijóo and Santiago Abascal.

To illustrate this idea, the video makes a political metaphor with the “rope game” where a correlation of forces tries, by pulling a rope, to move the handkerchief to its side to win the game. In this sense, it stands at the pole of social advances against the “reaction” to annul them by the “right and the extreme right.”

The audiovisual piece has the locution of the actress María Botto, who is part of the party, and where a review is made of the trajectory of the formation since its birth at the Teatro del Barrio in the Madrid neighborhood of Lavapiés, as well as its work in the Executive after three years of legislature.

“Slower than we would like, and having to play a very difficult game, but we are advancing every day and being the engine of the changes in the coalition government that we achieved. We have written history, we are writing the present, and with you We are going to continue writing the future”, maintains the formation in the video.

This morning the state co-spokesperson for Podemos, Isa Serra, has claimed that Podemos has met objectives such as getting “to end bipartisanship”, enter the coalition government and, with progressive measures, repair the “damage that the policies” of the PP in 2008.

“I think that the success of the political organization has to do precisely with not having forgotten what we were born for, why we are here and that we owe ourselves fundamentally to the social majorities. We have to go much further, and that implies taking our project further “, he added.

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