Podemos calls for strengthening the coalition government as it is the only alternative to PP and Vox, which are “indistinguishable”

Warns that this strengthening is “incompatible” with reaching out to Feijóo


Podemos has affirmed that “strengthening” the coalition government and the deployment of “brave” policies is the best way to prevent the “indistinguishable” axis of PP and Vox from obtaining a majority, which is “incompatible” with “stretching the hand” to the popular for future pacts as some advocate.

In turn, the purple formation has refuted the first vice president, Nadia Calviño, that this is not the time for salary moderation but to guarantee that employees lose purchasing power, together with another new increase in the minimum interprofessional salary (SMI).

At a press conference this Monday and questioned about the rise of the PP in several polls, coinciding with the arrival of Alberto Núñez Feijóo at the head of the party, the party’s state co-spokesperson, Isa Serra, has claimed that the best way to combat this effect in the polls is to “offer solutions” to citizens from brave policies, for which United We Can is a “guarantee”.

And it is that the expansive measures to protect public services, especially in difficult times such as the pandemic and the current crisis due to the war in Ukraine, is where the confederal space is always and the best option to strengthen the coalition.

In fact, Serra has pointed out that there are only two options for governance, the coalition made up of PSOE and United We Can or the PP with Vox, which are already “indistinguishable”.

In fact, his counterpart in the party, Pablo Fernández, has indicated that Feijóo’s absence at the inauguration of the president of Castilla y León, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, does not “opaque” or elude the fact that he has “blessed” the alliance with the “far right” in this community.

Therefore, he has reiterated that the PP “is to moderation what Putin is to pacifism” and has no doubt that the new popular leader will agree with Vox when he has the opportunity.

On the other hand, and regarding Nadia Calviño’s recent references to salary moderation in the face of the current drift of inflation, Fernández does not share that criterion and believes that it should be “the other way around”, that is, tend to raise salaries and especially to the SMI, given that the workers “cannot be the ones to pay for the crisis”.

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