Podemos asks to investigate if Vox tries to influence the ‘Neurona case’ by introducing two related experts for the final report

Can has registered this Wednesday a document in the Court of Instruction 42 of Madrid in which it denounces that, after having received the court the proposal of two people to make a report requested by the judge on the work of Neurona and detect links of the same with Vox“it is not ruled out that Vox has been able to promote, stimulate, coordinate, and/or take steps to present and introduce these experts in the procedure” and thus “condition and influence the result of the expertise, and with it, in the result of the procedure.

The purple formation asks the Judge Juan Jose Escalonilla to investigate these facts and to reject the offer of the company IP Judicial Experts, SLwhose joint administrators are Luis Navas Fajardo and Eduardo García de la Beldad Sanchís, who could maintain links with Vox, appeared as a popular accusation in the case. The merchant barely has a year and five months of existence.

As revealed Public, Luis Navas Fajardo he was secretary and professor of the National Association of Appraisers and Computer Judicial Experts (ANTPJI). This entity made commissioned by Vox a report in the ‘Neurona’ case, on the contract of this political consultant with Podemos for the April 2019 electoral campaign, contrary to the purple formation. The report, signed by the president of ANTPJI, Ángel Bahamontes, was presented this summer in court.

Now, Luis Navas, who was secretary of the ANTPJI and worked side by side with Bahamontes in several expert opinions, offers himself to the judge to make the final report of the case, in which it is necessary to evaluate if the price that Podemos paid to Neurona, 363,000 euros coming from the party’s own funds, was an appropriate price for the market.

Navas told this newspaper that “he was kicked out” of the association “about two years ago” due to “discrepancies” with the management, not stating on his website until when he was secretary of the entity. Luis Navas and the president of ANTPJI, Ángel Bahamontes, worked together on an expert report for the defense of the Franco’s eldest grandson, Francis Francowhen he was prosecuted for running over two civil guards, for which he was acquitted.

Regarding the other partner of IP Peritos Judiciales SL, Eduardo Garcia de la Belle Sanchisthe letter from Podemos, to which this medium has had access, indicates that he is a follower of Vox leaders on his social networks, the “only political personalities he follows”, such as Santiago Abascal, Javier Ortega-Smith Y Dew Monastery.

“The numerous coincidences are worthy of astonishment; an expert’s report constituted barely a year ago; coincidentally with professional ties
with the experts of the accusation; coincidentally with political affinities towards said accusation; and that on a certain day, also coincidentally, he sees in the digital media that an expert is required to prepare a report within this procedure,” Podemos denounces in his letter.

According to what Luis Navas told this newspaper, when reading a news item from Public Regarding the difficulties that Judge Escalonilla was encountering in finding a company that could handle the report on Neurona’s work, he sent an email to the court to offer himself, on behalf of his company, to carry out the expert opinion. Podemos indicates that the two experts in their offer to the judge state that they lack “political affiliation”, but this could be questioned given the evidence that the formation warns about.

Podemos asks the judge to reject the “voluntary” offer of IP Experts Judicials SL, since “analyzed as a whole, there seems to be no doubt that it is in the accusation of the Vox political party that all these gross ‘coincidences’ converge, Therefore, it is not ruled out that Vox has been able to promote, stimulate, coordinate, and/or take steps to present and introduce these ‘volunteer’ experts into the procedure, with obvious links both with the prosecution itself and with the experts proposed by the same political party, in order to condition and influence the result of the expert opinion, and with it, the result of the procedure”.

A controversial test

The execution of the expert report ordered by Judge Escalonilla and that will be decisive in the case must be carried out by a graphic designer and a video production and editing technician, “or a company whose social activity includes video editing, and who has participated in electoral campaigns, also having to assess the strategic segmentation work carried out by the Neurona Consulting workers”. The second part of the expert opinion says the judge will deal with the value of the cost of coverage of the seven electoral acts analyzed.

It must be remembered that the Interprofessional Union of the Community of Madridwhich encompasses 42 professional associations in the region, informed the judge that “there is no specialty and/or subspecialty within the professional associations that make up this association with the knowledge to issue the requested expert opinion.”

The prosecution questioned said test ordered by the judge, to which he predicts an unsuccessful result, since he rules out the simulation of the contract between Podemos and the Neurona consultancy. “It is possible that the cost cannot be easily determined,” according to the prosecutor.


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