Podemos and the independentistas ask in Congress for an investigation commission on the ‘sewers’ of the State

The petition questions the words of Marlaska and Sánchez denying that these plots continue to exist


United We Can, which shares the coalition government with the PSOE, has joined the independentistas of ERC, Junts, Bildu PDeCAT and the CUP to request in Congress the creation of an investigation commission on the so-called ‘sewers’ of the State, from the operations attributed to former commissioner José Manuel Villarejo to the alleged use of the ‘Pegasus’ program to spy.

The initiative, which also bears the signature of the Compromís and the BNG, intends that Congress investigate “the link between various official state bodies and a media, business and ‘para-police’ network, with resources and weapons reserved for state agencies, at the service of spurious interests outside the general interest”.

The Congress has already carried out two investigations related to the so-called ‘sewers’, both related to the Ministry of the Interior of the Government of the PP of Mariano Rajoy, one in 2017 on the police leadership of Jorge Fernández Díaz and the one of this legislature focused on the ‘operation Kitchen’ to steal documents from former treasurer Luis Bárcenas and hinder judicial investigations against the PP.


The signatories refer to the conclusions of these commissions to affirm that there was “an institutionalized system, outside the law and paid for with public funds, to persecute a certain political dissidence with mafia methods”, according to what appears in the document collected by Europe Press.

The minority partner of the Government and the rest of the signatories question the words of the Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande Marlska, and of President Pedro Sánchez himself, denying that this type of plot continues to exist today. “The movements carried out by the Ministry have not been explained,” they say.

And to this is added “the scandal of massive espionage” with the ‘Pegasus’ system and the “nonexistent explanations” of the coalition government, which in his opinion has unleashed “speculation” about its authorship and has generated “a magma of confusion difficult to clarify”. These parties have already asked for a commission of investigation on espionage but the PSOE has even refused to debate it in the plenary session of Congress.

For all these reasons, they request this new commission of investigation whose first objective would be “to know in detail the relationship with the Police and the media network of former Commissioner Villarejo created in order to obtain money from pressuring public figures and parties with information obtained in a way irregular”.


They also want the commission to investigate “the possible existence of any vigilante plot outside the law and democratic control within the institutions,” as well as the means and public resources used and their “links with pressure lobbies.” In that sense, they ask to clarify what the interior ministry has done to purge these facts.

And, from there, they demand the appropriate measures of prevention and parliamentary control of the CNI and the Ministries of Interior and Defense “in order to prevent the future creation of irregular espionage plots or any parallel police structure”.

Of course, the goal is not to purge political responsibilities in the Government of PSOE and Podemos, but “to clarify the knowledge of the irregular plots by the political leaders of the Ministry since its creation.”

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