Podemos advocates working the law well to unblock the TC but believes that without renewing the CGPJ the crisis will not be tackled


The spokesman for Unidas Podemos in Congress, Pablo Echenique, addresses the media in the Congress of Deputies, on December 22, 2022, in Madrid (Spain). – Ricardo Rubio – Europa Press

MADRID, Dec. 22 (.) –

The spokesperson for Unidas Podemos in Congress, Pablo Echenique, has assured that the future bill to unblock the renewal of the Constitutional Court must be “worked on as well as possible” and has warned that the institutional crisis “is not going to be resolved”. if action is not also taken in the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ).

In statements to the media in the halls of Congress, he has criticized that the “judicial coup” of the conservative judges in the TC continues, by maintaining the suspension of the process in the Senate of the reform to unblock its remodeling.

Regarding the initiative that the PSOE has already designed as an alternative to this decision, Echenique has indicated that the “appropriate” thing is to wait for the TC’s order and, then, make the best “possible text” to “not give even half an excuse” for to be able to overthrow the judges “entrenched” in the body and with expired mandate.

In this way, he has affirmed that there is a “broad consensus” with his partner that the bill for the TC must be made and it will be deployed, but in his opinion it is “half” the job if it is not included to the CGPJ.

The confederal parliamentary group held a meeting yesterday, in which Díaz participated, where it was specified that the best strategy was to wait for the order of the TC, since the objective is to act quickly but without haste because it is necessary to evaluate the legal reasoning of the magistrates.

In turn, United We Can met with parliamentary allies to form a front to address the issue of the TC and where it defends promoting another specific initiative to lower the majorities to elect new members of the Judiciary, with the addition of congregating in it half of the parliamentary groups.

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