Podemos activates its primaries in Andalusia in parallel to the negotiation for a unitary left-wing candidacy

Podemos activates from this Monday, April 18, and until next May 8, its process of primaries in Andalusia to elect the people who will represent him on electoral lists in the next regional elections, which are due this year 2022, and that the President of the Board, Juanma Morenocould call for next June.

In parallel, the purple formation participates in the negotiations that left-wing forces are carrying out to form a possible unity candidacy in this ideological realm.

As reported by the purple party, from this Monday and until next Friday the 22nd, the period to pre-register individually in these primaries will be open, through the form that can be accessed from its website.

Podemos approved immediately calling the primaries to accelerate the formation of the “broad front” of the left

Next week, on the 25th and 26th, the deadline for requesting and granting personal and collegiate guarantees “through the usual forms” will take place.

Later, on April 28, it will play the record of lists. The following day, April 29, the candidacies will be published, while telematic voting will be held from May 2 to 8. In parallel, from April 29 the term for the campaign opens, and on May 9 the result of the process will be published.

The Executive of Podemos in Andalusia approved on April 7 to immediately convene these internal primaries of the formation to also accelerate the process of forming the leftist “broad front” for that future appointment with the polls for which they bet from the purple party. Thus, the proposal comes from the regional coordinator, Martina Velardebefore “the increasingly plausible scenario that the Andalusian president decrees the elections for the month of June”.


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