Podcast consumption in Spain doubles in a year and 42.5% of users listen to them daily

MADRID, Sep. 6 (Portaltic/EP) –

Podcast consumption in Spain has doubled in a year, reaching an average of 9.5 hours of listening per week compared to 18.9 hours per month recorded in 2021, a habit that occurs daily in the life of a 42.5 percent of listeners.

The iVoox Observatory, Launched in 2020, it tries to understand the consumption and production habits that are taking place in Hispanic podcasting through the annual report of the State of the Podcast in Spanish.

To do this, he has made a survey to 2,951 users and has taken into account data from the platform itself, as well as the analysis it has carried out to learn about the latest trends and developments in the sector.

In the first place, the company has pointed out that it currently has more than 380,000 podcasts in Spanish and more than 1.3 million available in more than 50 languages different. This seems to encourage users of all ages and social conditions and in different fields to consume this type of content.

According to the report, the age group that consumes them the most is between 25 and 64 years old, especially those between 45 and 54 years old (27.04%), with 57.6 percent of listeners being men and 42.4 percent women. Of those surveyed, in addition, 78.82 percent listen to podcasts while working, while 57 percent do so while studying.

Most of these programs are heard from Spain (57.4%), however, they also play podcasts in Spanish speaking from the United States (8.1%), Mexico (7.4%), Colombia (4.6%) and Argentina (4.5%).

In defining the academic and work profile of listeners, the iVoox report determines that most of them are university students (39.55%), followed by users with pre-university education (27.44%) and with master’s or master’s degrees. doctorate (17.46%).

Those who listen to podcasts the least, on the other hand, are people without studies (0.91%), retirees (4.74%) and people dedicated to housework (2.47%).

In this sense, one of the most outstanding data of this new edition of the report is the one that refers to the time spent listening to podcasts, which in 2022 it has doubled compared to last year.

In this way, they have gone from listening to an average of 18.9 hours a month in 2021 to 9.5 hours a week in 2022 -about 38 hours a month-, if the reports made by iVoox in both periods are compared. However, the number of episodes per week played by users remains the same, with 4.7 episodes in 2021 and 4.1 in 2022.

This analysis also indicates that 42.56 percent of listeners consume this content daily and 28.12 percent do so at least once a week. In addition, it details how your listening habits: 58.73 percent do it continuously; 41.27 percent, fragmented; and 21.59 percent play the podcast for several days.

In addition, these porgams have been introduced into the daily lives of more than half of those surveyed, since 56.58 percent of them listen to them more than four hours a week.


Regarding the preferences for the duration of the episodes, the platform determines that the vast majority (53.97% of the listeners) assure that, if the subject interests them, it does not matter how long the podcast lasts.

In this sense, only 2.13 percent of the participants in the iVoox survey say that they prefer a maximum of ten minutes, while 25.63 percent of them opt for the longest contentthose that exceed 45 minutes in length.

One of the definitive conclusions regarding the ways of listening to this content is that almost all listeners (97.15%) listen to it alone, although users also like doing it as a couple (10.77% ).

Also, regarding the moments of content reproductionis divided evenly, since 58.44 percent listen to them in the morning, 52.20 percent in the afternoon and 52.56 percent in the evening.

In this sense, iVoox determines that the vast majority, 48.41 percent of those surveyed, say listen to podcast from mobile, while the computer is used in 16.92 percent of the cases. They are followed by the tablet (10.50%) and the car (10.53%).


Another of the aspects dealt with in this report refers to the circumstances in which this content is reproduced, since almost all users do so while doing other things. Specifically, 71.73 percent.

So much so that 50.61 percent of those surveyed do it while doing housework, 36.70 percent resting, 35.08 percent walking or 33.77 percent driving. On the contrary, it is heard less on public transport (22.10%) and in the shower (14.74%).

In general, 98.66 percent of users prefer content in Spanish and only 18.19 percent prefer to listen to it in English. The third most reproduced language is Catalan (6.79%), followed by French (1.95%) and Italian (1.23%).


The results of the survey carried out by iVoox determine that history and the humanities, as well as mystery and other realities or politics, economy and opinion are the most interesting contents. Humor and football close the ‘Top 5’ list.

This explains why in Spain the most listened to podcast is Strange Days, followed by Nobody Knows Anything, La ContraCrónica, Cuarto Milenio, el Partidazo de COPE or La voz de César Vidal.

However, the company has pointed out that trends in spanish podcast They have revolved in the period studied around the war in Ukraine, news bulletins, tabloids, serials and documentaries, and the True Crime genre.

Finally, iVoox has pointed out in this document that this last year support for content creators has grown, since 57.3 percent of listeners are willing to pay to help them, that is, 3 percent more than in 2021.

What’s more, the main reason why listeners support a podcast (61.61% of the survey participants) is to help the creator. On the contrary, 48.52 percent do it to access exclusive content and 43.33 percent to listen to it without ads.

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