PNV and EH Bildu show their differences regarding the future of Euskadi in a new Aberri Eguna

The Aberri Eguna is drawn again in different scenarios. The celebration of Basque Homeland Daya date marked in red on the nationalist calendar, is expressed again through different appeals from the nationalist sphere: PNV and EH Bilduthe first and second political forces in the Basque Country respectively, maintain divergent strategies that prevent a joint party.

From Bilbao to Pamplona there are about 150 kilometers away. The PNV staff will be in the first city, including the lehendakari Inigo Urkullu. The second will bring together the main faces of EH Bildu, with Arnaldo Otegi to the head. Whether in the New Square Bilbao’s Casco Viejo or in the streets of Pamplona, ​​its protagonists will once again make it clear that there are at least two ways to proclaim oneself abertzale.

The citizen platform Basque Country Battery, which is committed to a unitary celebration of the Aberri Eguna, has encouraged the placing of ikurriñas and flags of Navarra on the balconies. In addition, it has held an act this Saturday in the town of Urruña in Labour.

Role of the parties

“The confluence of the different parties of abertzale sensitivity in a single call should go together with a unified message, and that right now is difficult for strategic reasons”, he affirms mario zubiagaProfessor of Political Science at the University of the Basque Country (UPV).

Almost four years after the disappearance of ETA from the Basque scene, PNV and EH Bildu are today waging their battle for dominance among nationalist voters. The dispute far exceeds the scenario of Euskadi and Navarra and is also taking place in Madrid, where both political forces display their negotiating skills with the coalition government.

The novelty in this field corresponds to EH Bildu. After the arrival of the Executive of PSOE and United We Canthe Basque sovereignist coalition has shown its hand to the Government to advance agreements, thus challenging the PNV for its usual role as the sole representative of Basque interests in Madrid.

“Beyond the fact that both want to be the hegemonic party of the Basque people, the truth is that the objectives of EH Bildu and PNV have nothing to do with it,” he says. Jule Goikoetxeapolitical philosopher and researcher at the UPV and the University of Oxford.

Where are the limits and distances? For Goikoetxea, the PNV aims to “reproduce the Basque people as a cultural, historical nation, but politically subordinate to Spain.” He emphasizes in this sense that the party of Inigo Urkullu it seeks “to maintain its share of political and economic power within the Spanish State”, while at the same time trying to do so “as representatives of the Basque people in Spain”.

The researcher emphasizes that the objective of EH Bildu “is independence, the entire nation, including Iparralde and Nafarroa (Navarra)“, so “their objectives are not the same”. “The challenges are much more difficult in the case of EH Bildu. The PNV basically has to grease the machine and keep it running,” he said.

The challenges of the PNV

In a manifesto released for the Aberri Egunathe PNV vindicates its bet in favor of the Basque people “being fully masters of their destiny on an equal footing with the rest of the peoples of Europe and the world”.

“Having said this, it is time to ask ourselves about the challenges that Basque nationalism will have to address in order to navigate this stormy swell that awaits us. It is time, once again, to listen to citizens. Address their concerns, their perceptions, their desires” , claims the nationalist party.

“The answer is always on the side of the majority will of this People”

In that text, the PNV makes it clear that it fights “for the freedom of Euskadi”, although it often raises a question about how to reach that horizon. “The question lies in determining how we are going to continue doing it in these complex times. And the answer is always on the side of the majority will of this People,” he remarks.

In the Basque training roadmap there are two “basic premises” that, according to what he maintains, should support its action: “unity” and “trust”. “If we remain united and united, we will know how to resist and get ahead in any adversity, no matter how complicated, that comes our way. And with the precise unity, we will know how to transmit to Basque society the necessary confidence to advance in the commitment to national construction “, he points.

The horizon of EH Bildu

“Basque Republic, peace, sovereignty and democracy” are, for their part, the pillars of the call for EH Bildu. “They refer to the political horizon that we are working on, which involves, among other things, the creation of a Basque Republic that brings together all the Basque territories above our legal and administrative reality,” he explained to Public the Navarre parliamentarian and spokesperson for EH Bildu Bakartxo Ruiz.

The representative of the pro-independence left also warns about the “need for sovereignty to defend the rights of people” which, in her opinion, “has become even more evident in this context of the pandemic.” She also alluded to the concept of peace in times of war, with a clear position against the policies promoted by the NATO.

“Both the political line and the strategic objectives that we defend today EH Bildu and PNV make it quite difficult for us to characterize the Aberri Eguna in the same way or that the dimension that we want to give each other is the same”, added Ruiz.


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