PM Narendra Modi: Government schemes for those who do not qualify .. Prime Minister Modi expressed concern


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Prime Minister Narendra Modi suggested that all people should know about government schemes and make use of them.

PM Modi – Utkarsh Samaroh: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that people are limited to paper because they do not know about government schemes. Prime Minister Modi said that ineligible people will benefit from this. Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed a virtual speech at the Utkarsh Samaroh in Baruch, Gujarat on Thursday. The Prime Minister addressed the people exclusively at the event. The Prime Minister suggested that all the people should know about the government schemes and make use of them. Authorities have also been asked to explain this to the public. Modi opined that as people do not know about government schemes, they will be confined to paper or will benefit those who do not qualify.

Meanwhile, the Gujarat state government has launched the Utkarsh program to bring four key schemes closer to 100 per cent beneficiaries. Through this the government has made preparations to provide timely financial assistance to those in need. The Bharuch district administration has organized the ‘Utkarsh Initiative’ drive from January 1 to March 31 this year with the aim of providing a full range of schemes to help widows, the elderly and needy families.

A total of 12,854 beneficiaries were identified in the four schemes. There are Ganga Swaroop Economic Assistance Scheme, Indira Gandhi Old Age Assistance Scheme, Niradhar Old Age Assistance Scheme – State Family Assistance Scheme. Whatsapp helpline numbers have been announced for constituency / taluka wise to collect information about those who did not avail the benefits of the schemes during the drive.

Utkarsh camps were organized in all the villages and wards of the municipality in the district. Applicants who provided the required documents were approved on the spot. Incentives were also provided to Utkarsh assistants to make the drive even easier.

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