PlayStation confirms the launch of the sequel to Alan Wake II on October 17

MADRID, May 24. (Portaltic/EP) –

PlayStation has confirmed the rumors that pointed to the launch of Alan Wake II next October and has announced that it will be on the 17th of that month when this video game can be played on its next-generation console, PlayStation 5 (PS5).

The company has unveiled this and other news for its platforms at the PlayStation Showcase 2023 world event, where it has mentioned the games that will be available for both PS5 and its latest model of virtual reality helmet, PS VR2, throughout 2023 and in 2024.

The titles to which he has referred have been developed both by PlayStation Studios and by third-party studios and indie creators, as he announced a few days ago through his presentation statement.

Among the advances released at the beginning of the event are the multiplayer battles Helldivers IIfor PS5 and PC; fairgames, from Haven Studios, a heist game with realistic graphics coming to PS5 and PC; and Metal Gear Solid Snake Eaterfor PS5.

On behalf of 505 Studios, PlayStation has shown the first images of ghostrunnera futuristic-looking video game that will be available throughout 2023 for both PC and PS5.

On the other hand, it has presented Phantom Blade 0from Cruelman Studios, with a samurai ‘gameplay’ that presents various settings, such as abandoned temple exteriors, which will only be available for PS5, although it has not indicated when it will arrive.

From the creators of Abzu, PlayStation has advanced Sword Of The Sea. It is a video game aimed at its newest platform and also inspired by nature, in which its main character interacts with space by skateboarding on dunes and waves.

A Spanish game has also slipped into the PlayStation Showcase presentations. Is about nevaa title from Nomada Studio -los ceradores de GRIS-, which has advanced with a solemn trailer in which a female protagonist appears with a wolf and that can be played from 2023, the same year in which it will be available the anime’ Cat Quest.

The Talos Principle IIa puzzle game for PS5, the animated video game The Pluky Square (also for this console) and the multiplayer FoamStars, Developed by Square Enix for PS4 and PS5, they will also arrive later this year.

Developed by Square Enix, PlayStation has given more clues about Final Fantasy XVI, although no demo has progressed. It has only confirmed that it will be playable in June 2022 and that it will be available for PS5.

The developer has announced the release date of Alan Wake II, which had already been rumored as a result of statements by his voice actor, Mathew Porretta, during an interview. This is the sequel to the horror video game, which repeats the realism in its graphics, which will arrive next October the 17th. That month will also arrive, but on the 12th, the new Assassin’s Creed Miragewhich is signed by Ubisoft.

Other of the titles discussed in this event broadcast worldwide have been Revenant Hillwhich will land on PS4 and PS5 in June 2023, the same month for which the launch of Street Fighter 6 and Tower Of Fantasy.

Capcom’s Dragon’s Dogma II and Five Nights at Freddy’s Hell Wanted 2 will also be available at the end of 2023 while marathonthe new from Bungie, does not have a release date. Concord, Finally, it can be played on both PS5 and PC, although it has not been announced when.


After presenting its news for its PlayStation 5 and PC platforms, PlayStation Showcase has welcomed the news related to its virtual reality helmet PSVR2available in Spain from the end of February of this year.

From Capcom comes resident evil 2, a horror video game with scary settings that introduces the characters into abandoned houses and towns full of zombies. The ‘gaming’ company has commented that this video game is currently under development.

Arizona Sunshine III will also be playable for PS VR2 in 2023 while Crossfire Serra Squada very realistic ‘shooter’ signed by Smilegate Entertainment, has no scheduled release date. Synapsewhich has a very similar style but in a futuristic key, it will be possible to play soon, since it will arrive on July 4.

The highlight of this world presentation has come to an end with spider-man 2when the gameplay of this title has been shown -with combats, movements through the different exterior and interior scenarios, chases and games of lights- and the renewed interface of the video game has been revealed.

Finally, PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan has confirmed the launch of a wireless controller known as Project Q, that will not run video games remotely, but will allow streaming of these titles to PS5.

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