Pixel 6a defends the mid-range well, but the 60Hz screen is not forgiven

MADRID, 24 Sep. (EDIZIONES/Portaltic) –

The cheapest bet of Google phones is called Pixel 6a And although it has come with the promise of offering similar performance to its older brothers, at least in artificial intelligence (AI)-based functions, the truth is that it reduces its characteristics enough that it falls behind in some aspects.

The Today’s mid-range mobiles have little to envy their older brothers. In fact, many of its most prominent features, and those most demanded by users, such as a good camera, good battery life and good performance, have been “democratized”, as tech companies like to say, that is, have been extended to the lower ranges, thus being able to find very good options at more affordable prices in the smartphone market.

This is a bit what happens with the Pixel 6a. It is the little brother of the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, which it is appreciated in the price and in the reduction of some of the characteristics with which Google has taken chest in its high range. But that does not mean that it is a bad mobile, much less that it is not up to what users expect.

For starters, the Pixel 6a shares with the other two Pixel 6 the processor, tensioner. A processor with a very good performance that Google has designed mainly to take advantage of the intelligent functions, with enhancements impacting speech recognition and language understandingY also on camera.

In this sense, in Pixel 6a we find functions such as instant translation and Call Assist. The first one promises real-time translation of voice and text conversations with the help of the Assistant and Lens. Today it is a bit disappointing, because in Spanish it only translates the chats.

The strong point of this ‘smartphone’ remains the camera, especially the night mode, as Google has shown in each new Pixel series that has been launched on the market. Pixel 6a offers a dual-lens setup (12.2MP wide-angle and 12MP ultra-wide), and uses phase-detection autofocus to determine the focal length.

The commitment to complement the ‘hardware’ with good ‘software’ and optimization based on AI is maintained in this ‘smartphone’, which without offering the exceptional quality of the highest ranges, does have pretty decent stabilitywhich prevents moved elements on captures, and good sharpness and level of detail, even in contrast.

It also includes the function of ‘magic eraser’ which, like its older brothers, shows acceptable performance, although not perfect since it usually leaves a trace, and ‘Real Tone’, which uses an algorithm to maintain the person’s real skin tone.

This phone shares the exterior design with the other two Pixel 6s, with the camera module forming a black horizontal bar. Change the size, which is reduced to a diagonal of 6.1 inches, which is still a large screen size, and offers Full HD + resolution.

As a negative note, we must mention its lower fluidity. This time Google has opted for a 60Hz refresh rate (compared to the 90Hz and 120Hz of the other two models), which is noticeable shortly after starting to use it in navigation and that will surely put off mobile video game fans. It could even be said that this less fluidity is not typical of the range in which it falls, less and less present in the general market of ‘smartphones’.

The battery is another element to highlight. It does not have the fastest charging (wired, 18W), but its 4,410mAh capacity allows it to last the day well whole if we take off this ‘smartphone’ from time to time.

It may not be a carbon copy of its older brothers, exterior design aside, but Pixel 6a defends the mid-range well, with the exception of that 60Hz screen. The camera, autonomy and performance are presented as well as its main assets to compete in the mid-range, together with a differential design, which identifies it as the first among all the proposals found on the market.

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