Pico presents its new Pico 4 VR viewer, an all-in-one, lightweight and ergonomic proposal

MADRID, 22 Sep. (Portaltic/EP) –

The Chinese virtual reality company Pico has announced the arrival of its new Pico 4 viewfinder, with which it intends to bring this technology to everyone with a light and all-in-one device, designed to offer comfort during long gaming sessions.

The company has highlighted the comfort of this viewer, which has adjustable straps and use a soft fabric with absorption properties for the lining of the pads, while on the back it uses non-slip synthetic leather.

For long gaming sessions, the company has incorporated a counterweight design and a software solution that reduces blue light to prevent eye fatigue, certified by TÜV Rheinland. It also supports the use of a goggle spacer.

This viewer is equipped with a 5,300mAh battery What does it offer? up to three hours of gameplay, with support for fast charging. It also features an LCD screen consisting of two 2.56-inch lenses each, which together offer a 4K+ resolution, a refresh rate of 90Hz and a field of view of 105 degrees.

Pico has used Pancake lenses in this equipment, smaller and lighter, which have allowed the thickness of the case to be reduced to 35.8 millimeters at its thinnest part, and its weight, to 295 grams without the strap.

The viewfinder also incorporates four SLAM cameras located around the frame of the screen, which perform high-precision mapping of the surrounding environment. Under the hood is a 16MP RGB camera, which produces vivid colors, and a Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 processor with Adreno 650 GPU.

Pico 4 controls use two AA batteries, which last about 80 hours in active use, according to the company. These controllers have a one-piece swivel bow design for ergonomic grip, integrating infrared sensors for shock detection and spatial perception.

Pico 4 is also compatible with six degrees of freedom technology (6DoF), which offers a greater degree of movement within the virtual environment, and incorporates a HyperSense broadband engine for a more realistic haptic response.

From Pico they have highlighted that this visor is “their best helmet to date”, and that with it they intend to “make virtual reality accessible to everyone by combining comfort and performance”. It will go on sale on October 18 in thirteen European countries, including Spain, in Japan and Korea, with a price starting at 429 euros.

The company has added that in Europe, members of the Neo3 Link Beta program will have the opportunity to access Pico 4 pre-sale starting on September 23. Advance purchase will open to the general public in October.

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