“Petro is the solution and hope”: this is how the Colombian people receive their new president

What is expected from the Government of Gustavo Petro? Are they going to let him govern for all Colombians? With those two questions, Public addressed several of the thousands of passers-by in the center of Bogotá, in whose heart – the Plaza de Bolívar – the official act of inauguration of the new Colombian government took place.

Monica Rodriguez, 31 years old. Bachelor of Visual Arts.

Mónica Rodríguez is the first from the left. — CV

Mónica Rodríguez traveled from the city of Pasto, near the border with Ecuador, with her group from the traditional Carnival of Blacks and Whites, expressly for the possession of Petro.

“I believe that all Colombians are waiting for true change, because we were born and grew up in governments that have not given us opportunities in any of the aspects. And I believe that Petro is the solution and the hope that we have all been waiting for throughout our childhood and our growth.

“I think there will be certain opposition to his government, but he will have to fulfill his commitments. I believe that the people have power and if they elected him it is for a reason. In addition, we all have the power to say and to let him govern. We support him 100%.

Medophile Medina, 78 years old. Historian.

Medophile Medina

Medophile Medina. CV

He lives in Bogotá and is an emeritus professor at the National University of Colombia. “Judging by the appointments that are already known, and I am guided by these indications, indeed, as he promised in the campaign, it will be a government of changes. Changes through social policies and a real democratization of politics. The Petro candidacy -Francia Marquez was born among political crowds (the social outbreak or national strike 2019-2021) and today, August 7, crowds of people are here.

“I believe that they are going to let him govern, but not because there is a will to let him govern, but rather if he continues to be accompanied by the population, the citizens, he will be able to do things. Congress, as it has been configured, and therefore the first steps that are taken, is sensitive to the fact that if there is a scene of vigilance and popular animation, there will be conditions for making changes. I do not rule out the possibility that people will go out to the streets to protest. case, the desirable thing would be for there to be an attitude of vigilance. The worst thing would be for the popular masses to feel in power regardless of the policies that are carried out from there”.

Yezid Achicue, 23 years old. indigenous and student

Yezid Achicue.

Yezid Achicue. CV

Yezid Achicué, 23, an indigenous Nasa student from Tierradentro, department of Cauca. Eighth semester student of Anthropology at the University of Cauca. He traveled 10 hours with his community to attend Gustavo Petro’s possession.

“We have mobilized as an indigenous community from our territory, from our reservations, to accompany the elected president Gustavo Petro and his vice president Francia Márquez. We came to make our ideas visible about this government plan that is coming in the next four years. Why have we done it? Because we have ideas that should be included in the government’s development plan. The indigenous communities have been invisible and have not had the proper accompaniment by government entities in terms of resources. The management of resources registers a shortcoming, historically. So, we come to express our commitment, but we also want the government to be willing to work with us.

“Colombia has been immersed in the political cacicazgo and that is what has kept this country in a yoke. Governing is going to be difficult, taking into account that there are organs within the same State that are going to begin to put obstacles so that some plans they are not executed. That would favor a very small population here in Colombia.”

Cesar Augusto Herrera Sanchez, 42 years old. Fireman

Cesar Augusto Herrera, firefighter

Cesar Augusto Herrera, Colombian firefighter. CV

Certified Brigadier in massive events. Fireman. He lives in Bogota. César Augusto Herrera Sánchez also gave his opinion on the change in Colombia.

“Like everyone else, I hope that Petro knows how to govern and, as many people say, that this does not become like a second Venezuela. There is hope in him, a lot of hope in him, honestly. I really do expect a lot from him, that he is not going to disappoint us. And if it goes well for him, then let there be a re-election, again with him for another four years. The first thing he has to do is make sure there is work for everyone. That there be no age discrimination, or in experience.

“Yes, I think they are going to let them govern, why not? Petro and France are the rulers that were elected”


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