Peru’s Interior Minister tenders his resignation

The Minister of the Interior of Peru, Avelino Guillenpresented this Friday his resignation to the president, peter castleafter several weeks of controversies between him and the general commander of the National Police, Javier Gallardofor a series of appointments and dismissals within the institution.

Guillén has shown his disagreement with Gallardo for a series of casualties and promotions within the Police, a controversy that Congress has joined accusing the communist Castillo of being behind pressure in that sense.

In mid-January, Commander Gallardo sent the already ex-minister Guillén a list with a retirement proposal for twenty generals, which was later sent to him for modification, something he did not do significantly, as reported by the Peruvian newspaper The Republic.

Faced with this situation, Guillén would have requested the intervention of Castillo, whom the prime minister, Mirtha Vasquezwould have also urged him to position himself on the side of the now former Minister of the Interior, something that ultimately has not happened.

With this new resignation, Guillén is the third minister to hold the Interior portfolio since Castillo took office half a year ago now. The first of them was the now head of Defense, Juan Carrasco, questioned for supposedly not having resigned from his position as prosecutor in Lambayeque before he assumed his position in the new cabinet.

The second of them was Luis Barranzuela, who led this ministry for less than a month, after it was made public that he violated the restrictions imposed by the coronavirus health crisis by holding a private party.


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