People were murdered outside a nightclub in the south of Quito

Two people were shot dead outside a nightclub, located on Av. Alonso de Ángulo and Rafael Grau, in the south of Quito.

The National Police received an alert from ECU 911 around 00:45.

“Inside a nightlife establishment called ‘Mega’. “Two people are seen lying on the ground with several wounds apparently caused by a firearm projectile,” indicated the lieutenant. Colonel Armando Chávez, head of the Eloy Alfaro District.

An ambulance from the Quito Metropolitan District Fire Department also arrived at the scene, confirming the death of the two people.

After that, the authorities proceeded to remove the bodies and collect information to begin investigations to find the motive for the crime.

The National Police also reported that the deceased are known to be Marco B., 35 years old, an Ecuadorian national. He has a criminal record such as robbery during 2006 and 2022. One for murder in 2008 and for hiding stolen things.

The other victim was identified as Wagner C., 27, from the province of Esmeraldas, who has a criminal record for robbery in 2022.

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