Pedro Sánchez: “We live very hard days due to the fires”

“We live in very hard days, very difficult, due to the fires that have claimed two human lives and a large number of forests, farms, homes… memories and emotional memories,” said President Pedro Sánchez at the inauguration of the conditioning of a road as it passes through the Port of Querol, in Morella (Castellón) before move to the area affected by the Ateca fire, in Aragon.

Sánchez has again asked the public for caution in the face of the successive heat waves and forest fires that are devastating Spain, in addition to once again reminding those who still deny this reality that “climate change kills”.

Sánchez, after showing his solidarity with the residents affected by the serious fire in Ateca (Zaragoza), has once again ensured that the Government is “overturned” in the tasks of extinction together with the rest of the administrations, as he has moved in recent days during his visits to the fires in Extremadura and Galicia.

He highlighted the efforts of the troops fighting the fire on the front line and has asked the population for caution because the fires “They have already claimed the lives of more than 500 people in our country.” “There are those who continue to deny the climate emergency, who think that it is a problem for the future when it is for the present, unfortunately because many in the past did not consider it a problem,” he reaffirmed.

That is why it has guaranteed that for the Government it is a priority and has reiterated its request that the fight against the climate emergency become a “state policy” for all administrations, since “it affects the day to day and transcends the legislatures and the ideological orientation”.

“Only by being sustainable will we combat climate change,” he claimed, and lamented the 70,000 hectares lost, which this year is almost double the average of the past decade.


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