Pedri: “If we have 10 minutes of disconnection, we go home”

MADRID, Dec. 5 (.) –

The player of the Spanish team Pedri acknowledged this Monday at a press conference that against Morocco, in the round of 16 of the World Cup, they have those 10 “minutes of disconnection” that they had against Japan in the group stage, they will go “home”. and they will waste this second chance –after the defeat against the Asians–.

“We have reached a phase where if we have those 10 minutes of disconnection, we go home. We know that we have to improve that, we are going to work on it and improve it, it cannot happen to us because, if not, we are out,” he assured in a conference press.

Against Japan, the 2-1 defeat relegated Spain to second place in Group E and sent them to this meeting against Morocco. A “second chance” that should not be wasted, because it is the last one since now it is only worth winning to pass rounds and reach the final.

Pedri is clear that Japan’s wake-up call came “on time”. “If not, we wouldn’t be here. We have a second chance, we’re second and it’s Morocco’s turn and we’re really looking forward to this game,” he said.

Morocco, a team that “has a lot of quality” in its players, is the first stumbling block. “Many play in the elite. It’s going to be a difficult game, Achraf Hakimi is one of the pillars and we know what he’s made of, he plays for PSG. You have to respect them because they came first in the group and played a great role “, admitted the midfielder.

“It’s a physical midfield, which won’t leave us spaces. They try to take the rival one by one and not leave spaces because they like to have the ball. We know that they are going to squeeze us in the midfield to try to steal”, warned the canary, angular piece in the Spanish game.

On a personal level, the blaugrana claimed to be “fine”. “I feel very good. I am very comfortable in the national team, with motivation, I like where I play and I have fun. I touch a lot of the ball and when I am in contact with it, I enjoy it. Personally I am feeling well, it is true that the game in Japan was not what we expected but I’m looking forward to playing against Morocco”, he assured.

“Morocco will have seen our game and will have studied us, we have to change things. There are things to improve. I think we are going to have a good game, we are prepared and with great desire, with great ambition to want to change the future for true happiness and give to the fans what they deserve”, he pointed out.

Of course, he believes that the motivation is in all the players and in both teams. “Any player will have motivation, in the round of 16 of a World Cup. Any player will be ultra-motivated, eager to face the game, and it won’t be something that makes a difference,” he rejected.

On the contrary, he does not believe that the fact that there may be more Moroccan fans than Spanish can go wrong for them. “All the players of the national team are used to playing with stadiums that are against you, with pressure from the rival. I like it, I feel comfortable. Apart from the physicality and the desire they have, we have to give rhythm to the ball, that they move from side to side to find the free man where they can find the opportunity”, he argued.

Asked about the cheer he made about how this World Cup in Qatar 2022 would look, he was clear: “In the cheer almost all of us said that Spain wins and it is the best we could do.”

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