Pau Gasol: “I see Spain in a good position in the Eurobasket”

“Our team grows in times of greatest tension”

“I’m exploring a relationship with an NBA team”

MADRID, Sep. 6 (.) –

Former basketball player Pau Gasol assured this Tuesday that he sees the Spanish team “in a good position” in Eurobasket 2022 and that his defeat on the third day will serve as a “wake-up call”, so he hopes that the national team will arrive “with rhythm” and “confidence” to the round of 16, where he would face a rival “with bigger words”.

“I see our team in a good position and it is facing the games well. After starting the tournament with two lofty victories, losing always goes well because it gives you a wake-up call so as not to relax,” explained the eldest of the Gasols in the presentation of results and new projects of the Gasol Foundation and IFA.

Along these lines, Pau amusingly predicted the fourth match of the continental competition against Montenegro. “Our team grows in moments of greatest tension. It will be a competitive game because the rivals are playing well, but when the team defends, plays with concentration and effort, it is difficult to beat us,” he added.

“From there we will have to play against Turkey to finish the group stage and then come the round of 16 matches, where things will be more demanding because if you lose you go home,” said Gasol, who recognized the difficulty of facing Germany , Bosnia-Hezergovina, Slovenia, France, Lithuania or Hungary, which make up group B.


For his part, the former Los Angeles Lakers, a team that will retire his jersey with number 16, highlighted his many projects since his retirement from basketball. “We have been building many things, such as ambassador roles, that we have not yet officially communicated,” Pau said about his actions as ambassador of sports entities or organizations.

“I am also a consultant for companies linked to sports or health, which I am most passionate about and have knowledge of. And then I want to explore other things, which I have increased in investment. From here I am exploring a relationship with an NBA team”, he claimed.

A series of initiatives that do not bore you. “I don’t know how to get bored, I don’t know if it’s a personal flaw, but I’m on the go and I like to take advantage of opportunities to make an impact and do things I believe in,” she concluded.

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