Patxi López will be spokesperson for the PSOE in Congress and Pilar Alegría will be the party’s Executive

The exlehendakari patxi lopez will be the new spokesperson for the PSOE in the Congress of Deputies and the Minister of Education, Pillar Joythe new spokeswoman for the Federal Executive of the party, as reported by Efe socialist sources.

Both will replace Hector Gomez and Felipe Sicilia, respectively, and their appointments will be ratified on Saturday in the Federal Committee of the PSOE. Santos Cerdán remains as Secretary of Organization of the PSOE.

Patxi López himself has confirmed the news on his Twitter account. “It is an honor and an exciting challenge to assume the position of spokesperson for the Socialist Group in Congress”, wrote López, who thanked the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, for his trust.

López has assured that he will work “from the dialogue” to reach “agreements that protect the middle and working class of this country.”

These changes will become official this Saturday, July 23, during the celebration of the federal committee in which it is expected that they will also address the structure of the Federal Executive Commission and the parliamentary group of the Senate.


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