Paris votes against electric scooters and its mayor will remove them from the streets

The citizens of Paris They voted this Sunday by an overwhelming majority of 89% against rental scooters, in the referendum organized by the City Council on the continuation of that service.

The participation was only 7.9% among the nearly 1.4 million Parisians who could vote, according to data released by the City Council. Despite the fact that there were only 20 voting centers in the entire city, there were queues for a good part of the day, in which the citizens interviewed almost unanimously indicated their opposition.

The vote was technically advisorybut the mayor, the socialist Anne Hidalgo, had assured that the result would continue, so the 15,000 vehicles that the three authorized companies currently have on the streets (Lime, Tier and Voi), will have to be withdrawn by August 31 , when your five-year authorization expires.

Companies operating in Paris they had organized a campaign in favor of maintaining the service for which they recruited influencersalthough it was far from being enough.

The municipal initiative was taken before the increase in accidents of these devices (459 accidents in 2022, with three deaths and 426 injuries, which is twice as many injuries as in 2019, before the pandemic).

In addition, the inhabitants of the city have widely complained about the increasing number of dangerous and uncivil behavior of users (also of private scooters), as well as those that are left parked or thrown anywhere, without respecting the parking areas established by the companies and the City Council.

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