Panama: shipping companies are paying record amounts to cross the canal

Alex Longley, Ruth Liao and Anna Shiryaevskaya

08-31-2023 16:57

The shipping companies they are having to pay record sums to get their ships out of a boat jam What are you waiting for to cross? the Panama canaldue to the consequences of the drought.

One of them recently paid $2.4 million ―in addition to the standard transit fee of around US$400,000― to get a gap so your boat could get across the waterway fastershipping company Avance Gas Holding Ltd. said this week in its earnings report.

The row of boats waiting to cross it has been growing in recent months as drought causes less water to fill the canal locks. This has reduced the number of ships in transit and the amount of cargo they can carry, which has increased The delay in a waterway that handles more than 500 million tons of cargo per year.

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For those who wish to avoid the wait, the Panama Canal Authority holds auctions.

“You can skip the line, but it is immensely expensive”said Oystein Kalleklev, chief executive of Avance Gas. “Value has risen rapidly. By adding the regular rate, andThe amount that must be paid for the ships to pass is close to US$3 million”.

The fee is a record high and was paid to allow the passage of a liquefied petroleum gas tanker, according to auction data seen by Bloomberg. The Canal Authority Panama He did not immediately comment.

Translated by Paulina Steffens.

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