Palestinian Authority: 15 journalists languish in Israeli prisons


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Ramallah/ Awad Rajoub/ Anatolia

On Monday, a Palestinian committee concerned with prisoners’ affairs reported that 15 Palestinian journalists are imprisoned in Israel.

This came in a report issued by the (non-governmental) Prisoner’s Club, on the eve of the “World Press Freedom Day”, which was approved by the United Nations General Assembly in 1993, and falls on May 3 of each year.

The report said: “The occupation authorities continue to detain 15 journalists in their prisons, including the administratively detained journalist, Bushra Al-Taweel.”

He added that Israel imposes harsh detention conditions on journalists, as do all male and female prisoners in the occupation prisons.

The Prisoner’s Club indicated that the Israeli authorities also continue to “chase down Palestinian journalists and harass them.”

He stated that since late 2015, Israel has arrested hundreds of Palestinians “under the so-called “incitement” on social media.”

The club explained that the arrests of journalists, students, academics and activists.

On Wednesday, the International Federation of Journalists, the Palestinian Journalists Syndicate and the International Center for Justice for Palestinians (ICIP) announced that they had submitted a complaint to the International Criminal Court accusing Israel of committing “war crimes” against journalists in the Palestinian territories.

These bodies said in a joint statement published by the International Federation of Journalists on its website: The Office of the Public Prosecutor of the Court in the Palestinian Territories acknowledged receiving the complaint officially on 25 April.

According to the International Federation of Journalists, about 46 journalists have been killed in the Palestinian territories since 2000 and no one has been held accountable.

According to the documentation of the Palestinian Journalists Syndicate, 870 Israeli violations against journalists were recorded in 2021, and dozens of violations since the beginning of 2022, including the shooting of journalists.

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