PACMA denounces the mistreatment of a heifer during a San Fermín bull run to the sound of ‘Bella Ciao’

PACMA denounces the mistreatment perpetrated against a heifer in San Fermin. The formation has published this Monday a video in which a crowd with the Pamplonica suit besieges the animal in a bullring to the sound of beautiful bye. The heifer, visibly frightened, tries to charge and run between hundreds of men who play push, jump and pull her, while a crowd sings the famous song of resistance against oppression.

From the animalist party they affirm that the San Fermín festivities are “an exponent of legalized animal abuse” and that they concentrate “drunk tourism”. In addition, they also ensure that public institutions “prioritize income and economic injection before their own security and citizen education.”

The Sanfermines are one of the most iconic festivals in Spain. Thousands of people from all over the world travel to Pamplona in July to celebrate these festivities. However, the controversy surrounding the capitalization of bullfights and other forms of entertainment at the expense of animals grows every year. The latest images of the shaken heifer have added fuel to the fire.

The video has reached PACMA this weekend, during one of the activities with heifers typical of the Navarran festivities. But San Fermin It is not the only celebration that includes bovines. The party has recalled in statements to Public that there are more than 10,000 towns in Spain whose festivities involve these animals.

From the formation they also comment that the popularity of traditional bullfighting is decreasing, but bullfights and bullfights are growing. “People are going to experience the adrenaline of these activities,” Yolanda Morales explained to this newspaper. She has also added that mixing this context with alcohol leads to more violence against animals.


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