Pablo Iglesias achieves an associate professor position at the Complutense University after obtaining the best grade

The Complutense University of Madrid (UCM) has proposed former Vice President Pablo Iglesias to hold a position as Associate Professor in the Faculty of Political Sciences after having been the candidate with the best score in the selection process (7.5).

The teaching activity that will be carried out falls within the field of “analysis of political and electoral behaviour”, as well as “the theory and practice of democracies”. The UCM awards the third place to which he applied to return to this university, where he was already a professor of Politic science before leading Podemos.

Iglesias has recognized Public be “very happy” to be a teacher again and to have obtained his place “competing in a public contest”. He added that this is something that does not happen to all those who have passed through a Council of Ministers, since some “end up on boards of directors of large companies.” “I am proud to do my job and return to teaching at the Complutense”, she underlined. Likewise, he has indicated that he will begin teaching classes next year. “From what I understand, from the second quarter”, he explained.

highest score

The selection committee that has assessed the candidates has published the resolution on November 21, 2022. The score obtained by the director of Base has surpassed that of the other three applicants, of which two have been excluded by obtaining 1.8 and 4.65. The second on the list has obtained a 5.05.

The scale criteria weighed a series of elements and the one that gave the highest score was professional experience, especially outside the academic field as the priority element to define the assignment of the place. This section could mean up to six valuation points and Iglesias has obtained five.

At the beginning of this month, Iglesias himself revealed that this same university did not grant him another of the places he had applied for to also be a professor in the Faculty of Political Sciences. At the time, the former vice president called the resolution “bizarre” and “all infrequent.” “It is not often that all the candidates who opt for a position with these characteristics are excluded,” he assured.

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