Pablo González is serving 150 days in prison without trial and without the evidence against him transcending

The nightmare continues. The journalist and collaborator of Public Pablo González meets this Wednesday 150 days in a Polish prison, accused of espionage. There is no trial date in sight, nor is it known what evidence they have against him. Meanwhile, his relatives continue to demand justice.

The long and unusual process that Pablo González undergoes began with the war in Ukraine in the background. On February 28, four days after Russia began its attacks on Ukrainian soil, this journalist was arrested in the Polish town of Przemyśljust 13 kilometers by road from the border with Ukraine.

The detention was carried out by the Polish Internal Security Agency (ABW for its acronym in Polish), which accuses him of being a GRU agent, Russian military intelligence. However, neither his lawyers nor his relatives they have had the opportunity to know what the exact evidence against them is.

González’s partner, Oihana Goiriena, has once again denounced this Wednesday in a video the obstacles she suffers in speaking with her husband. Neither she nor her children have been able to speak with the journalist, who He is imprisoned in a maximum security module. In fact, you can only communicate with the Spanish consul and with the Polish lawyer.

Goiriena addressed Pedro Sánchez – who is in Warsaw to participate in the XIV summit between the two countries – who intercede with the Polish authorities so that the journalist “can have a fair trial and defenseand, above all, that their rights be respected”.

Public has asked the Presidency if Sánchez intends to discuss the case of Pablo González with the Polish Prime Minister, Mateusz Morawiecki, but at the time of publishing this information Moncloa had not yet responded.

Goiriena recalls that Pablo González celebrates this Wednesday “150 days detained in Poland”, five months in which only received two letters of her husband. “He says that he is fine, that his days are very long and that we continue to support him,” she says.

The woman has reproached that in this time she has not been allowed to speak with him “neither to his family nor to his trusted lawyer”. She emphasizes that throughout these months she has felt the “warmth and affection” of her husband’s friends, “but at the same time – she adds – also the abandonment of national and European institutions”.


In this context, the group of colleagues and friends of the imprisoned journalist has released a letter denouncing “the inaction of the European community, that with his silence and certain insinuations he has only contributed to expanding the ‘he must have done something’, a shadow that also directly attacks his credibility and professional prestige”.

They emphasize that the Polish lawyer who has been defending González for a couple of months, Bartosz Rogala, “is prohibited from talking about Pablo’s procedural situation and has not yet contacted Gonzalo Boye”, the lawyer hired by the family. “How is it possible that the European authorities stand out in this situation and are not interested in Pablo’s safety and well-being?” they wonder.

“They refuse to talk to their children”

Along these lines, they demand that Pedro Sánchez “remember” González, “a Spanish citizen detained in a country of the European Union to which they refuse to talk to their children, that he has only received four visits from the consul in five months, and that he is not having the possibility that his trusted lawyer knows the causes for which he is being accused”.

This newspaper has contacted the Polish defense of Pablo González to find out why don’t you keep in touch with the Spanish lawyer Gonzalo Boye, as denounced by the journalist’s group of colleagues and friends in their letter.

According to Bartosz Rogala, both the details of the case and the information it can provide are timely offered to González’s wife. Regarding Boye, the Polish lawyer assures that he has not received “calls or emails for a long time”, but that he has all channels of communication open, although Polish law “is very clear in who can be part of the process and who doesn’t.


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