Overwatch will stop selling loot boxes starting August 30

MADRID, 10 Aug. (Portaltic/EP) –

Blizzard Entertainment has announced that it will stop selling loot boxes in Overwatch starting next August 30, the date on which its Anniversary Remix 3 event will also conclude.

The second installment in the franchise, titled overwatch 2, It will arrive on October 4 and, as Blizzard advanced in a thread of Redditwill replace the first when it is officially available.

As part of this change, players will be able to migrate from accumulated credits, tokens, and competition points, but not will allow the transfer of loot boxes, that will cease to exist in this new game.

It was in July when the video game developer announced that, as an alternative to the traditional payment method, players will be able to purchase the items they want through the Battle Pass and a “completely new and constantly updated” store included in the title.

Now, Blizzard has announced the specific date on which it will stop selling these reward boxes in Overwatch, which will be from next August 30, the day that will also end its anniversary event.

Despite this withdrawal, users of the game will continue to have the opportunity to win reward boxes thereafter, with the difference that they will not have to pay to open them, but will “automatically“, ahead of the launch of Overwatch 2.

It should be remembered that Blizzard announced its abandonment of the ‘loot boxes’ in Overwatch 2 after having to stop the release of Diablo Immortal in Belgium and the Netherlands, due to the current legislation on this type of reward.

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