Opposition messages at the end of the year are divided between support for Machado and recovering the economy

The main figure of the opposition, María Corina Machado, also published a message, but limited herself to wishing Venezuelan families a happy new year and announced that she will give her message for the new year this January 1

On the last day of the year, the main actors and coalitions in the field of politics in Venezuela prepared their messages for Venezuelans with their balances for 2023 and their expectations for 2024.

The end-of-year messages were divided into two large groups: those that focus on the need to recover the economy and the purchasing power of Venezuelans in 2024, and those that point to an electoral solution with the prominence of María Corina Machado in the 2024 presidential elections.

The leader of Primero Justicia (PJ), Henrique Capriles Radonski, posted a message in which he reflects on the purchasing power of a population that today has gone 653 days without receiving a salary increase, beyond the adjustment of bonuses granted by the Government.

“There have been 653 days without an increase, this year alone the bolivar lost more than 50% of its value against the dollar, with an accumulated inflation of 182.9% and even so, Maduro maintains salaries and pensions at Bs 130 per month,” he stressed.

Therefore, he maintains that the main need for 2024 is to generate a change in economic policy, aimed at increasing salaries and pensions.

«The economic policy carried out by the worst Government in history continues to widen the gaps of inequality and poverty in Venezuela. The year that is to come must be one of hope and change; “The priority has to be increasing salaries and pensions,” he stressed.

In the same tone, the national leader of La Causa R, Andrés Velásquez, also focused his hopes on generating a political change that would allow the Venezuelan economy to get back on track.

“We will receive the new year 2024, full of hope and determination for political change and to put an end to so much suffering in Venezuela: stop poverty, stop hunger, generate jobs, restore salaries, freedom of political prisoners, education and health,” he pointed out.

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On the other hand, Popular Will public also its Christmas message through a video featuring its national coordinator, Leopoldo López, focused on the cohesion of political factors to add support to the candidate María Corina Machado.

«Next year will be a year of many challenges. We have to guarantee the cohesion of all people, committed to freedom. We have to support our candidate: María Corina Machado, and achieve the presidential elections, and win them to begin the transition from dictatorship to democracy,” says López.

This was the same speech adopted by Juan Guaidó, former interim president and also a member of Voluntad Popular, who offered an interview for Spanish Television (RTVE) in which he highlighted as objectives the release of political prisoners, compliance with the documents signed in Barbados and the authorization of María Corina Machado.

«The challenge is the release of political prisoners, compliance with the Barbados Agreement and ensuring that María Corina Machado can participate in the presidential election. Today Maduro is afraid of Machado’s candidacy, he sees himself defeated. “She is the winner from start to finish,” he reflected.

Finally, the Unitary Platform of Venezuela also spread its message focused on supporting the elected candidate through the primary elections held on October 23.

“We thank all Venezuelans who made the reconstruction of National Unity possible, who gave their grain of sand to advance each step towards the 2024 electoral victory, together with our candidate María Corina Machado,” they stressed.

The aforementioned María Corina Machado also published a message, but limited herself to wishing Venezuelan families a happy new year and announced that she will give her message for the new year this January 1.

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