Opera gave AI feature to desktop users, will be able to create content with the help of ChatGPT

Photo:File photo This new feature of Opera will improve the browsing experience of people.

Opera Browser Chat GPT Feature: Web browser company Opera on Wednesday announced that it is adding AI-powered features to its desktop browsers Opera and Opera GX, such as AI prompts, sidebar access to ChatGPT and ChatSonic, to transform users’ browsing experience. According to the company, these new tools are available in Early Access on all desktop platforms.

AI Prompts, the addition of this feature to the Opera browser, will make it easier for users to read, write and understand content that creates a lot of confusion. Any user can understand the entire content from a single paragraph with the help of these tools.

“When you highlight text or access it directly from the address bar, AI Prompt is your new, go-to tool, giving you an experience tailored to your interests and needs,” Opera said in a blogpost. ” In addition to the new AI Prompt feature, users now also have access to the web versions of ChatGPT and ChatSonic in the sidebar of the Opera browser.

Will also help in completing the content of mathematics

The company said that these two new features will help with ideation, summarization and translation, as well as with the help of which users can write code, learn music, get help in maths, create text content and much more. can do something.

AI tool will also create photos

“What makes the ChatSonic tool so special is that it can even create photos for you,” said the browser maker. Overall, the new AIGC tools provide a portal to a more personalized and intelligent web – one that meets your unique needs. In addition, the company said it intends to announce more AI-powered features powered by its own GPT-based model in the future.

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