Opera adds two new generative AI tools to its desktop browsers

MADRID, March 22 (Portaltic/EP) –

Opera has announced the incorporation of two new tools based on generative artificial intelligence (AI) in your desktop browsers for contextualized prompt generation and integration of popular services based on OpenAI’s GPT language model.

AI Prompts is a new tool that allows you to start conversations with generative artificial intelligence services to summarize or explain articlesgenerate ‘tweets’ or request relevant content based on the highlighted text.

These smart prompts, which are contextual and will evolve as Opera adds new features, are accessible from the address bar or by highlighting a text element on a websiteas the company has pointed out in a press release.

It has also announced access to ChatGPT and ChatSonic in the browser sidebar, allowing users to take advantage of these popular generative AI platforms for idea generation, briefing, or translation. ChatSonic, meanwhile, also allows the generation of images.

This would be the first phase of Opera’s artificial intelligence program. The company plans to develop its own AI engine for browsers in the near future. At the moment, the new tools are available in the Opera and Opera GX desktop browsers.

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