OpenAI introduces GPT 4, with increased reasoning capabilities and the ability to generate content from text and images

GPT 4 Language Model Resource Image -OPENAI

MADRID, March 14 (Portaltic/EP) –

OpenAI has officially introduced the new generation of its language model, GPT 4, designed to accurately solve large problems and provide more useful and secure answers, with the ability to generate from text and image inputs.

GPT 4 stands out for its creativity and ability to collaborate. In addition to generating original content, you can also edit and repeat tasks with users, such as composing songs or scripts, also learning their style.

If one of the premises of the previous models was the generation of content from text, now you can compose a subtitle, carry out an analysis or a classification from an image. It is also capable of handling longer text, of more than 25,000 words.

From OpenAI they point out that it improves the reasoning capacity of ChatGPT, the chatbot that is based on the GPT 3.5 model, as stated on the website dedicated to this new language model. This is because they have used more human comments for their training, including those shared from ChatGPT.

The company has highlighted the safer responses that GPT 4 offers, a result of working with experts, applying real-world use cases, and its own advanced reasoning and instruction-following capabilities to fine-tune its training.

This new generation is already used in services such as Dolingo for conversations, in the visual accessibility app Be My Eyes, and in the preservation of the Icelandic language, among others.

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