One of the main neo-Nazi leaders in Europe will lead a semi-clandestine event in Madrid

From Stockholm to Madrid with a suitcase loaded with hate. simon lindbergboss of Nordic Resistance Movement –one of the most dangerous neo-Nazi groups in Europe–, appears as the star guest of the “Day of Blood”a semi-clandestine act that will be held this Saturday in Madrid under the organization of becoming europeanthe Hitlerite association that has legal registration with the Ministry of the Interior.

The venue of the event is something like a state secret for those responsible for becoming european, who keep this information under absolute discretion. Only those who sign up in advance (and pass the organization’s filter) will receive instructions in this regard. They will have to bring five euros, the entrance fee for this new act of Nazi apology in the Spanish capital.

Lindberg appears as the headliner of this semi-clandestine meeting, of which only the day, the time has been announced -it will begin at 4:00 p.m. with a “welcome” message by its promoters- and the program, in which he will also the extreme rightists appear Ramon Bau Y Jesus Lorente.

For his part, the Swedish neo-Nazi will speak to the attendees about “the NS (National Socialist) struggle in the Nordic countries.” Not surprisingly, he Nordic Resistance Movement (NRM) led by Lindberg seeks to install a Hitler-inspired regime in northern Europe. The group has militants in Sweden, Norway, Finland – where it was outlawed in 2018 – and Denmark.

“Its activists live in a rigorous and hierarchical system with totalitarian demands on their lives and daily activities, with the aim of refining them into a spiritual and physical elite,” the statement states. Swedish anti-racist organization Expo in a review published last September.

The group was founded in 1997 out of other Nazi movements operating in Sweden. According to different sources, it is estimated that today there are around 300 militants committed to the guidelines of the group, which does not hide its hatred of Jews, homosexuals and immigrants.

Neo-Nazi activists from the Nordic Resistance Movement in a file image. Nordic Resistance Movement

“NRM members from across the Nordic region have been arrested and charged with perpetrating and planning violent acts. The organization’s pro-violent stance and its international reach contribute to its global status as a particularly dangerous organization,” warns a published report. last November for the Institute of International Studies of Monterreybased in California (USA).

“Lindberg’s ability to do damage is considerable”

The leadership of the MRN at the European level is in charge of Lindberg, who was sentenced in January 2018 for “contempt for groups based
on your race, skin color, national or ethnic origin” during a November rally held in November 2016, when he yelled “Sieg Heil” and performed the Nazi salute. The Stockholm court that handled this case initially requested a month in prison, but later reduced the sentence to a fine of 800 crowns (about 70 euros).

“Extremely dangerous”

The organization Counter Extremism Project (CEP), based in Brussels, ranked Lindberg among the 20 most dangerous extremists in the world. “His speeches of him are regularly seen by thousands of people who then perpetrate violent actions against the Muslim and Jewish community. For example, in 2018, members of the MRN-Sweden attacked two pro-Israel activists from the Israel-Sweden Friendship Association at the festival of Gotlands“, says CEP in a report.

Investigators warn that while “his Twitter account has been suspended, Lindberg’s ability to do harm is considerable, making him an extremely dangerous individual.”

“It is known that members of the MRN have perpetrated attacks against the LGTBQ community, muslim asylum seekers and political opponents, using smoking flares, tear gas, knives and guns,” the document states.

According to various reports, this neo-Nazi organization has ties to the Russian Imperial MovementGolden Dawn (Greece) or the German NPD, all of them under the Hitlerian orbit. In Spain, his friends are in becoming europeanthe Nazi group that since 2008 has legal registration in the list of Interior associations.

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