One in four programmers is self-taught

MADRID, 2 Apr. (Portaltic/EP) –

24 percent of programmers have been self-taught in 2021, a figure that is one percent higher than that registered a year earlier, although university training continues to prevail, according to a report prepared and published by hired.

The job search platform has published an annual study on the conditions of software engineers, after analyzing more than 366,000 interactions between companies and programmers in the Hired marketplace, in addition to interviewing more than 2,000 software engineers who have applied as candidates on the platform.

One of the questions these programmers have faced is how they got their training. Of the total, 24 percent claim to be self-taught compared to 64 percent who have some type of university study and 11 percent who owe their training to the fact of having participated in a specialized campus.

These data have slightly changed compared to the previous year. In the case of the self-taught, this group has grown by one percent, the same growth as in the participants in specialized campuses, while those with university studies have dropped three percentage points.

In Hired they foresee that the number of self-taught programmers will grow even more in the coming years and thus join “the technology industry”, which has gained even greater prominence as a result of the crisis of Covid-19.

Another of the relevant data that the study leaves is that of the most demanded language within programming, which, in 2021, has been Go. Engineers who master it have received 1.8 more interview proposals than the average.

In addition, “the rise of cyberattacks has led more companies to prioritize their security strategies.” This has created a “high demand” in security engineering, which in turn is the highest paid branch within programming, with an average salary of $165,505, 7.59 percent more than in 2020.

The pandemic has also boosted remote work and, in this sense, Hired highlights that programmers have received more interview proposals for remote jobs than for face-to-face jobs in 2021. In fact, software engineers open to remote work have received 20 percent more bids than those who don’t.

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