Olivosgate: the scandal of nocturnal female visits that persecutes the president of Argentina

While Argentines remained isolated during the pandemic and avoided any social contact, even with their own relatives, some 1,509 people visited the presidential residence. Quinta de Olivosbetween March 15, 2020 and June 15, 2021. Many of the meetings took place late at night and the list includes names such as the model Sofía Pacchi, the figure of the Buenos Aires night, Tatiana Pizlo Jezior and the epilator of the first lady, Yamila Chamma.

Image of the presidential party

The new data that is being revealed about the suspicious date nights only makes the scandal known as Olivosgate. And even though the president Alberto Fernandez And his wife, Fabiola Yanezintend to close the case as soon as possible, the situation is becoming a real judicial ordeal for the presidential couple, because some of the guests, also investigated for breaking the isolation, are not willing to reach an agreement.

In this context, in recent days new details have been revealed of the meetings carried out by Tatiana Pizlo Jeziormodel and figure of the night who rose to fame for being friends with the late Natacha Jaitt, a popular luxury prostitute in Argentina.

According to records, the 27-year-old was at Quinta de Olivos during the night of April 30, 2021, invited, for no apparent reason, by President Alberto Fernández himself, according to local media. Tatiana arrived at 7:55 p.m., five minutes before the curfew started, but there is no record of the departure time. Those same media also highlight that that day, the first lady was not in Buenos Aires.

The president, who is a follower of Pizlo on Instagram, was the one who initiated the contacts and the one who invited the model that night, ensuring that there would be no records of the night visit, according to the media realpolitiK.

Sofía Pacchi, model and former presidential adviser

The exacttrix and model sofia patchi visited the presidential house on more than 60 occasions during 2020 and 2021, two of them at night: Alberto Fernández’s birthday on April 2, 2020 and Fabiola’s birthday on July 14, 2020, both times failing to comply with the curfew.

Sofía Pacchi, model and former presidential adviser.

From the presidency they allege that Pacchi, who posed several years ago for the magazine Menagreed on numerous occasions to the official residence because at that time it was presidential adviser of the first lady.

Behind the OlivosgatePacchi continued to work for the General Secretariat of the Presidency, however, his contract ended at the end of the year and the Government did not renew it. Now he has become the great loose end of Alberto Fernández and Fabiola and threatens to go to the end in the case that investigates them for violating the sanitary measures against the coronavirus.

The president and his wife wanted to turn the page quickly and reached an agreement with the prosecution to close the case with a payment of 1.6 million Argentine pesos (12,500 euros) by Alberto Fernández and 1.4 (11,000 euros) by Yanez. The problem is that Pacchi don’t have money to pay a settlementaccording to his lawyers, and a few days ago he refused to testify in court.

Yamila, the epilator

According to the entry record, on May 4, 2021, Dr. Yamila Chamadaughter of the doctor César Carlos Chamma, a personal friend of President Alberto Fernández and who at that time was about to inaugurate an exhibition of his amateur paintings at the Casa Rosada.

Yamila Chamma is a plastic surgeon specializing in reconstructive and restorative, aesthetic and orthomolecular medicine, according to her own Twitter profile. According to those close to the presidential couple, Chamma entered the Quinta de Olivos in the middle of the pandemic as first lady epilator.

The Argentine press has also highlighted the mysterious visits of Fabiola’s sister, Tamara Yanez. For unknown reasons, the woman visited the marriage on several occasions but there is no record of the departure times. In addition, these same media highlight, the first lady used the planes of the presidential air fleet up to 21 times to visit her family.


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