Nvidia launches RTX Video Super Resolution technology with which it improves video in Chrome and Edge through AI

MADRID, March 2 (Portaltic/EP) –

nvidia He has launched RTX Video Super Resolution (VSR), a new technology that offers scaling function driven Artificial intelligence (AI) for improve the transmission of video content in browsers Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge for series GPUs GeForce RTX 40 and 30.

According to the US company, currently, the 80 percent of the internet bandwidth is the video streaming. Also, the 90 percent of all that content plays at 1080p or lower.even when it comes to popular platforms like Twitch.tv, YouTube, Netflix, Disney+, and Hulu.

In this framework, for those users who use displays with a resolution higher than 1080p, the browser must scale the video it is displaying to match the screen resolution. This means that the video ends with a result that does not reach optimal resolution or it turns into somewhat blurry images, since the Browsers use basic enhancement techniques.

Now with RTX Video Super Resolution Nvidia claims that, through the AI, the low resolution videos look better on a high resolution screen. Based on this, users with GeForce RTX 40 and 30 series GPUs they will be able to improve the content up to 4K resolution in almost all content streamed in Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers.

To make it possible, as Nvidia explains in a statement on its blog, the AI ​​eliminates the block compression artifacts and improves the sharpness and clarity of the video, functioning as “a pair of glasses to instantly bring the world into focus”. Blocky compression artifacts are distortions that are visible to the human eye and have been caused by an application of a compression algorithm.

In this regard, as Nvidia explains, RTX VSR reduces or eliminates these artifacts such as fading of high-frequency detail, banding in flat areas, or “lost” textures. For this, this technology uses a deep learning network that analyze low resolution video frame and predicts the image at the target resolution from the screen.

Likewise, the company has developed that the learning network this trained on a “broad range of content” which has various levels of understanding. It also learns about the compression artifacts that are present in low-resolution videos so that the AI ​​takes them into account when training the network.

This technology is also available to be used as part of the latest GeForce Game Ready driver and will be included in the upcoming NVIDIA Studio driver, which will be released this month. For its part, it works with Chrome at version 110.0.5481.105 or higher and with Edge at version 110.0.1587.56.

For enable tool RTX Video Super Resolution, the user will need to start the Nvidia control panel and open the video image configuration settings. Once open, just select the super resolution box in ‘RTX Video Enhancement’ and choose the desired quality.

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