Norway joins EU sanctions and closes its border and ports to Russian goods


Norway has adopted the fifth package of sanctions of the European Union (EU) imposed against Russia and has closed its border and ports to the transport of Russian goods, although with the exception of the Svalbard archipelago.

Specifically, as explained by the Norwegian Foreign Minister, Anniken Huitfeldt, to the NRK chain, the border town of Storskog, on the border between Norway and Russia in the province of Finnmark, will be closed for the transport of all the goods that appear on the EU sanctions list. The measure will take effect next Saturday.

The only exception is Svalbard, because the Svalbard Treaty applies there. It gives Norway sovereignty over the archipelago, but all signatory parties can operate there without any problems. The Soviet Union signed it in 1925 and Russia decided to continue to abide by it in 1992.

The EU adopted the latest sanctions package on April 8. The Norwegian Foreign Ministry has made it clear that it does not expect Russian reactions. “It is a collective reaction of the EU to what is an invasion of Ukraine in violation of International Law,” said the holder of the portfolio.

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