North Korea: from zero cases of covid to several deaths and hundreds of thousands of infected in 48 hours

North Korea It has admitted this Friday the first deaths from covid and hundreds of thousands of potential infections just one day after confirming its first cases. In addition, the circumstance occurs that the communist tyranny takes this turn only a week before the trip to Seoul that the US president has scheduled, Joe Biden.

The media of the isolated communist country, which has not yet administered a single vaccine and has little capacity to testify to the population, they have admitted the death of a citizen apparently due to covid and five other deaths of people possibly infected, in addition to hundreds of thousands of suspected cases.

the official agency KCNA reported that the North Korean tyrant, Kim Jong Un, visited the national Pandemic emergency center on Thursday. According to this statement “since the end of April, a fever of unknown origin has spread explosively throughout the country, resulting in about 350,000 cases of fever in a short time, of which about 162,200 have recovered.

Hundreds of thousands in quarantine

Always according to information from KCNA, only one day before they were detected 18,000 new cases of these “fevers” in the country and, for now, there are already 187,000 people in quarantine and under treatment. Six would have died, with one of them testing positive for the omicron BA.2 subvariant of the virus.

All of this comes just a few hours after North Korea reported last Thursday Confirmation of the first cases of coronavirus in the country after testing a group of people in Pyongyang in which this highly contagious subvariant was detected. Kim himself urged at a politburo meeting “every city and county in the country to completely confine their areas“.

The situation is worrying because of how contagious the detected variant has proven to be and the fact that the country, which has been completely isolated from the outside since 2020, rejected the donation of almost five million doses of vaccines by the COVAX mechanism, it has not put a single puncture and does not yet have a national inoculation plan. Added to this is the scarcity of medical resources and a testing capacity that is considered scarce.

A special moment

Analysts are surprised by the moment chosen by the communist regime to make public the detection of its first cases of covid: just a week before President Biden travels to South Korea and after adding a record number of missile launches so far in 2022, after approving a weapons modernization plan last year.

On Thursday itself, the Kim-led tyranny launched short-range missiles and, according to the US, is preparing, as satellites show, to carry out what would be its first nuclear test since 2017a test could be carried out this month, as indicated last week by the American Secretary of State.


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