No entry board for Kammawals in AP .. Put the bill in the assembly, CM .. Bandla Ganesh harsh comments


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The tweet war between YCP MP Vijayasai Reddy and Bandla Ganesh is becoming a hot topic in political circles. Some of the channels known as anti-government media brought personalities into the field and brought Ganesh live. Ganesh Bandla, who came live, was fired at in O Range. In this context, Bandla Ganesh was incensed that the Kamma caste was being targeted in Andhra Pradesh. In Andhra Pradesh, the board put no entry for Kamma people .. Bandla Ganesh made harsh remarks that the bill should be put in the assembly.

He said in a live debate .. Whose talent is in Tollywood .. Talent does not work with caste. If so, who is Bapu? Who is Vettori? Who is Viswanath? Ramanayudugari has the talent to become the No. 1 producer. Who is Dil Raju who is ruling the industry today .. that caste is Reddy .. but is it wrong? He is disciplined because he has talent. Whoever has talent .. whoever works hard they will come up.

Is it a daily insult in the name of caste? How to pay? Why endure? Is there anything in the constitution? Kamma they want to flee the country.? That Kamma could not stay in India.? Make a bill in the assembly and make it pop so that there are no blacksmiths in the AP. There should be no Kamma people in the state of Andhra Pradesh .. Kamma people are not eligible to live there .. Is there a majority for Jagan .. Pass the bill. Is it customary for the Kamma people to migrate and live from the beginning .. Put a board saying no entry for the Kamma people in Andhra Pradesh .. The conflict will go away ‘said Bandla Ganesh indignantly.

But recently senior director and producer Tammareddy has also raised the flag at a similar level. It is known that the subject of the fire said, “If there is a bulge on the blacksmith, shoot it .. 8% of the skin is there .. Instead of cursing you every day .. If you shoot at once, you will leave the poor.” Now Bandla Ganesh has also reacted in the same manner.


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