Nithyananda: No food .. No sleep .. No need to live .. Nithyananda sensational statement


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Controversial spiritual guru Nithyananda Swami has recently made another statement. He said his health was deteriorating and medical results showed that he was in good health. Also that he can not eat ..

Controversial spiritual guru Nithyananda Swami has recently made another statement. His The medical results showed that the health was deteriorating but still healthy. Nithyananda also said that he could not eat or sleep and that he had no desire to live in the world and that he had no hatred for worldly life. The initial impression was that Nithyananda was living in Kailash with all the amenities. Later, it was publicized that there was severe poverty. Meanwhile, news spread on social media that Nithyananda’s health was deteriorating and he had died. He then went on to raise awareness on health.

However, two days ago, Nithyananda Swamy, a controversial spiritual guru, reacted to the news that he had died on a social media platform. He said on Facebook that he was alive and that 27 doctors were treating him. Nithyananda, who lives on an island near Ecuador, died of an illness a few days ago. However .. Nithyananda has recently responded to these rumors. A post was made on Facebook. Clarity said that he went to the tomb .. The disciples were not worried. However, at the moment, he said in a Facebook post that he could not speak and could not recognize people.

Swamiji, who is facing sexual charges in India, has appeared in court 50 times. He fled India in November 2019. ‘Kailasa’ is the world of Nithyananda. For that he declared himself prime minister. He also requested the United Nations to declare Kailash a separate state.

Kailash brought the dollar for a few days. It was later announced that the Reserve Bank of Kailash would also be launched. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Police say he resides on an island near Ecuador. Ecuador, however, denies the allegations.

Kailash ‘Official Website .. Provides daily information related to Nithyananda. Updates photos and videos on Facebook. Latest .. shared pictures of him writing on paper, including his photos. But now .. news is coming that Kailash is facing financial crisis. Is Nithyananda alive against this backdrop? Are you dead Is a mystery.


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