New York: it hasn’t snowed in a long time and experts are already predicting a date for it to happen

NY It is one of the cities that can be seen the most in series and movies. Surely every person in the world has seen images of the Big Apple cover of snow and celebrating beautiful Christmases and winter romantic moments. But the reality is that that hasn’t happened in a long time.

An article from Fox 5 shared that major northeastern cities such as NY and Philadelphia They just broke records in terms of snowfall. But not because they have registered a high rate of snow, but because it has been almost 22 months since the areas have not seen an inch accumulate in a day.

It should be said that the west and center of the state of NY have already experienced the first storm of snow significant. This is due to the well-known lake effect that occurs when gusts of cold wind reach the area of ​​the large lakes that still have warm waters, causing a shock of temperatures that generates the formation of storms and snow.

Although there was a significant drop in snow in the area, this has not been enough to reach the city of NY and, until now, the white landscapes have only remained in the cities along the Interstate 95 corridor.

When is snow expected to fall in New York City?

For those who were looking forward to enjoying a White Christmas in New York City, Just like what you usually see in the movies, there is bad news, for now it seems that the weather conditions will not allow this to happen.

Although it is expected that cold air could advance in the state, the meteorologist of Fox Weather, Amy freeze, pointed out that for now we can only wait for the fall of snow in areas like Watertown: “But when will we have it in places like Boston, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Well it’s been so long. The answer is: not soon.”

Some areas of New York have already had snow storms.

According to weather predictions, no significant winter events are currently forecast for the Interstate 95 corridor, so the New York City You will only see the temperature drop, but not a drop in snow. One of the reasons why this conclusion is reached is that usually the first snowfall major in Boston It was happening at the end of November, but it has not yet been presented.

Based on the above, days will continue to be added to the record without snow in the city. Until yesterday, 655 days have been counted since the big Apple was able to collect at least an inch of snow. In fact, in Central Park, the last time 1.6 inches of snow It was February 13, 2022. It should be said that the previous streak without significant snowfall was 383 days that ended in March 1998.

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