New judicial setback against Mañueco: the court forces to convene the congress of the PP of Salamanca in a maximum of 45 days

The Court of First Instance number five of Salamanca has ordered the People’s Party that “immediately” convene and celebrate in the period of 45 days the provincial party congress in the charra province.

Thus, the judge has estimated the precautionary measure requested by 13 PP militants who sued the party for violation of fundamental rights. In their defense on January 20, the popular blamed the covid-19 pandemic for their delay in the call of the provincial congress, which has not been held since 2017. The resolution, however, is not final and may be appealed.

Alberto Núñez Feijoó, president of the PP, was summoned to appear in the Salamanca court as head of the party, but the leader of the popular did not attend, claiming that he was not president of the PP at the time the Court investigated.

A group of affiliates of the PP of Salamanca, among which there are mayors Y councilorsfiled a lawsuit requesting the convening of the provincial congress of the PP of Salamanca, since they denounced that the lack of a provincial congress is “flagrant non-compliance” of the PP with its own statutes, at the same time that they report the lack of response given by the party at the provincial, regional and national level, to whose Rights and Guarantees Committees they appealed without success.

The lawyer representing the group of popular affiliates, Enrique Herreraassured in the days prior to the hearing that this lawsuit was filed two days after another court in Salamanca filed the complaint filed by this same group of affiliates, but that it was signed by a person who changed lawyers and reached an agreement with the PP to withdraw the lawsuit in early December.

In this other case, the former provincial president is listed as investigated Javier Iglesiasthe provincial manager and the PP itself as a legal entity, for the payment of arrears of affiliates to participate in the primaries that turned Alfonso Fernandez Manuecocurrent regional president, president of the PP of Castilla y León.

‘Rebel’ Affiliate Group Movement

Among affiliates wayward From the Popular Party there are several councilors from the province and even mayors and several senior officials from the Provincial Council. The truth is that there is a real Inside war of unforeseeable consequences, taking into account that all the movements that take place in the party in Salamanca are always carried out under the gaze and approval of Mañueco.

Among the members of the party that are part of this group is the former vice president of the Provincial Council and current councilor of Santa Marta, Chabela de la Torre, which sounded strong to relieve Javier Iglesias as the main person in charge of the party in the province. Other of the popular affiliates of the De la Torre group are the deputy and mayor of Villoria Julián Barrera or the deputy Javier García Hidalgo.

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